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8 Character Images and Bios from Tim Burton’s FRANKENWEENIE

HeDuring the early 1980s, Tim Burton launched his career by directing a live-action short called “Frankenweenie,” a stop-motion, black-and-white animated comedy reminiscent of “The Bride of Frankenstein” and countless other classic horror films about science out of control. In the new “Frankenweenie,” Burton returns to that material in an animated film.

A stop motion animated science-fiction comedy-horror film directed by Tim Burtion and written by John August, Frankenweenie was released in 2012 in 3D. Tim Burton’s 1984 live-action short Frankenweenie has been expanded into a 3D stop-motion animation by Walt Disney Pictures.

There is also a description of the main characters, Victor Frankenstein (Charlie Tahan), his dog Sparky, and Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein (Catherine O’Hara and Martin Short), Elsa Van Helsing (Winona Ryder), Elsa’s dog Persephone, Toshiaki (James Hiroyuki Liao), Bob (Robert Capron), and Bob’s mother (Conchata Ferrell) in these images. Catherine O’Hara

Storyline of Frankenweenie

Victor Frankenstein (Charlie Tahan) may be a science nerd and a social outsider at school, but he has one good friend: his dog, Sparky, who protects him from danger. Unfortunately, Sparky shuffles off this mortal coil when tragedy strikes, and he passes away from this world.

Sparky is dead, and Victor is heartbroken, but his science teacher (Martin Landau) offers him an idea on how to resurrect him. There is success in the experiment and all goes well until Victor’s fellow students steal his secret, use it, and use it to resurrect other dead animals with monstrous consequences as a result.

VICTOR (voiced by Charlie Tahan)



Victor Frankenstein, a 10-year-old boy who is bright, savvy, and diligent, is inspired by science in more ways than one. His family lives in the town of New Holland, where he lives with his parents and his dog, Sparky.

Victor enjoys making films and inventing in his attic workshop where he immerses himself in the process of making them. After Sparky dies in a car accident, Victor uses scientific ingenuity to bring him back to life with the help of his colleagues.

There is something special about Sparky, a devoted and playful bull terrier, who is matched only by the sense of curiosity he holds in the heart of his loving owner Victor.
Sparky enjoys playing with balls, chasing them, and being the star of Victor’s homemade movies. In spite of his untimely death, he exudes loads of energy and enthusiasm, which his untimely passing does not diminish in any way.

MR. & MRS. FRANKENSTEIN (Voiced by Catherine O’Hara & Martin Short )


The father of the story was a friendly and social travel agent named Mr. Frankenstein who used to give his son roundabout advice about his travels. Victor is very proud of his accomplishments, which he is proud of, but he is concerned that he does not have any friends besides Sparky.

In order for his son to be more social, he encouraged him to join the baseball team in order to give him a chance to be more social. Frankenstein has a playful and loving relationship with his wife, Victor’s mother, and they seem to enjoy each other’s company.

Mrs. Frankenstein is a loving and supportive mother who is happy to help her son pursue his scientific interests, even when her kitchen appliances end up in his attic lab as a result of his scientific experiments. In addition to being an avid reader, she also enjoys watching movies with her husband, spending time with her family, and reading books in the company of family and friends.

ELSA VAN HELSING (voiced by Winona Ryder)

As a classmate of Victor, Elsa Van Helsing is a soulful and somber individual. She lives next door to Victor with her tyrant uncle, Mayor Burgemeister, and she is forced to be the “Little Dutch Girl” at the town’s Dutch Day celebration this year, despite her refusal to do so. Moreover, Elsa also has a beloved pet, Persephone, and is able to empathize with Victor when Sparky passes away from her.


In Persephone’s case, she is a perfectly groomed black poodle with a very large head of hair. She is also curious and flirtatious with Sparky and fiercely loyal to Elsa, her owner. Persephone and Sparky first meet in the backyard and immediately feel an intense sense of attraction for each other.

TOSHIAKI (voiced by James Hiroyuki Liao)

Toshiaki has an impressive record of overachievement and a super-competitive nature. He takes great joy in beating Victor at his own game, and like a power-hungry, mad scientist, he will do whatever it takes to win the top prize in the science fair at his school, even if that means stealing Victor’s ideas in the process.

BOB (voiced by Robert Capron)

Bob is a devoted son of a mother who is Toshiaki’s brawn in the opposite direction of his brains. In the proceedings, he is always willing to participate, and he takes great pleasure in beating Victor at his own game, and like a power-hungry, mad scientist, he will do whatever it takes to win the top prize in the science fair at his school, even if that means stealing Victor’s ideas in the processi’s brains.

He is agreeable and never mean-spirited, but on the flip side he’s easily led and gullible. Bob follows Toshiaki everywhere, but is the first one to run to Victor for help when he gets in over his head.

BOB’S MOM (voiced by Conchata Ferrell)

Bob’s mother is a plump suburban housewife who, when things go wrong, is prone to panic attacks and hysterical outbursts. Her views on life are very simple and stereotypical, and she is not afraid to share them with the rest of the community; she is not shy about it either.

Although often misguided, she believes that her actions are in the best interest of her son Bob despite the fact that they are often misguided.


How does the 2012 version of “Frankenweenie” differ from Tim Burton’s original 1984 live-action short?

The 2012 version of "Frankenweenie" expands on Tim Burton's original 1984 short by taking the basic premise and translating it into a 3D stop-motion animated film. This allowed Burton to delve deeper into the characters and themes of the original, adding depth and complexity. Moreover, the 2012 version also includes a new storyline about Victor's fellow students stealing his resurrection secret.

How does Victor Frankenstein’s character evolve over the course of the film, particularly in his relationship with Sparky?

Victor Frankenstein's character evolves significantly over the course of the film. Starting as a bright yet socially isolated boy, Victor's love for his dog Sparky and his passion for science lead him to undertake a daring experiment to resurrect Sparky after he dies. His successful experiment demonstrates his scientific prowess but also creates complications when his secret is discovered by his peers.

How do the characters Toshiaki and Bob, and their competitive nature, influence the events in the film, specifically the school science fair?

Toshiaki and Bob, as Victor's schoolmates, contribute a competitive edge to the film. They are eager to outdo Victor, especially in the school science fair. Their competitive nature leads them to steal Victor's resurrection secret, which causes monstrous consequences when they resurrect other dead animals. Their actions create significant conflict and tension in the story, driving the plot forward.


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