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Custom Clear Acrylic Keychain: What are the Qualities

Opting for presents for your loved ones turns out to be a much time taking and difficult task at times. Choosing while considering their gender, likes, dislikes, occasion, etc. requires a lot of planning. For instance, the likes and interests almost every time difference when it comes to gender and most especially the presents differ according to the occasions. But there are some items when presented as a gift are admired and loved by the one who receives them and is very much famous these days such as Acrylic Keychain.

Whatsoever the occasion is be it a wedding, Christmas, birthday, gift to a newborn, or congratulations on a new success, Acrylic keychains turn out to be the best present for your loved ones. The reason behind it is that it can be customized according to specific interests and genres. In this article, we will get to know the qualities of acrylic keychains which make them more preferable but before getting into detail we must discuss briefly what acrylic keychains are and where to find them.

  1. ACRYLIC KEYCHAINS – Those who are still unaware of what acrylic keychains are must know that they are small, decorative items that are used to carry keys. The term acrylic means that they are made up using clear or translucent plastic material decorated with text, logos, or graphics. The main reason for its popularity is that it can last for up to 100 years or more until and unless you lost it or destroy it physically. Other than being a gift item containing a personalized message for your loved one, it is also presented as a giveaway item at certain events like trade shows or corporate business functions as a marketing tool.
  2. ACRYLIC KEYCHAINS CAN BE FOUND AT – You can find the coolest designs and variety of types of such keychains at which promises to deliver custom clear acrylic keychains whose shape, pattern, design, package, and accessories can be readily customized by their professional team. Whether the need is for a single keychain or several batches required, are popular for processing and delivering within the least expected time. Some of their famous types are
  • Clear, epoxy, holographic, rainbow, hot stamping, and glitter acrylic keychains.
  • Lollipop charms
  • Shaker, glow in the dark, and candy keychains
  • Gold-edge, 3D printing, thick and non-clear acrylic keychains.
  • Quicksand liquid keychains etc.


  1. QUALITIES OF CUSTOM CLEAR ACRYLIC KEYCHAINS – The qualities that make custom clear acrylic keychains a popular choice are as follows
  • Lightweight – Lightweight products make life easier and fun to use. None of us would ever want to carry additional weights in our pockets or wallets. The use of custom clear acrylic keychains has increased due to their lightweight as compared to metal or leather ones which made them easier to carry around.
  • Durability – Custom clear acrylic keychains enjoy strong and long retention among their recipients. What makes it most durable is its long-lasting property and the usage of polymer material in its making which requires at least a century to decompose.
  • Variety of designs to choose from along with customization– Variations in designs make the custom clear acrylic keychains more than unique. You can opt for various features that are either single or double-sided printing. Moreover, with double-sided designs, you can choose the same design on both sides or even different designs. Styles include front or double-sided epoxy, glitter epoxy, and holographic (broken glasses or star) techniques. Not only designs size can also be customized and you can always add on accessories and upload your own artwork for printing.
  • Non-itchy material – When buying any product its texture and outer surface matter a lot. It should be not harmful or have any side effects in any way. The custom clear acrylic keychains are not at all harmful to your skin. The material used in the preparation and the outer protective layer of the keychain from both sides is not itchy on your hands or skin.  The outer layer of acrylic material makes it really smooth to carry and use.
  • On-time delivery and discounted rates – is a professional manufacturer and seller of acrylic keychains. They ensure speedy delivery of your custom clear acrylic keychains whether you customized them or chose their design, even if it is a single item or a whole batch. They also ensure you discount rates from almost 30% to up to 65% depending on your order.
  1. TO SUM UP – Acrylic keychain is deliberated to be the most unique and nondamaging present that stays with its recipient forever. The custom clear ones are now mostly used for marketing purposes rather than personal gifts and are presented as a giveaway in trade events and by corporate businesses for promoting their logos. In short, in many ways, acrylic keychains could be utilized.



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