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Alone Season 10 : Release Date, Cast, Storyline & Reviews

There’s no doubt that Alone is one of the History Channel’s most-watched shows. Since the first season came out in 2015, there have been eight more. Alone has become a fan favorite over the years.

Even though season 9 just came out a few weeks ago, fans are already getting impatient to know when Alone season 10 release date will come out. You have come to the right place if you are one of them.

We’ve put everything we know about the show in this post.

Date of the 10th season of Alone

At the moment, there isn’t much information about Alone Season 10. We mean that the show hasn’t been picked up for a second season yet.

Season 9 of Alone came out on May 26, 2022, and ended on August 4, 2022. That means that the show could still be renewed.

People think that season 10 will come out around the middle of 2023. We’ll let you know when Alone Season 10 comes out as soon as it’s official.


History Channel hasn’t renewed season 10 yet, so the cast or participants of Alone season 10 aren’t known yet. Just like every other season, the new one will have new contestants.

Here’s what you need to know about the contestants in the ninth season:

  • Adam Riley
  • Benji Hill
  • Jessie Krebs
  • Jacques Turcotte
  • Juan Pablo Quinonez
  • Igor Limansky
  • Karie Lee Knoke
  • Burns, Terry
  • Teimojin Tan
  • Tom Garstang


Since the show hasn’t been picked up for a tenth season, there isn’t a trailer for Alone Season 10. We can’t forget that season 9 ended just a few weeks ago. It will be a while before the show gets picked up for a second season.


At the moment, there is no teaser for Season 10 of Alone. If there is a season 10, it will probably come out next year, so you will have to wait a long time to see the teaser.

Alone Season 10

What will happen in Season?

The story or format of Alone Season 10 will be the same as in seasons one through nine. Ten people are left alone in a faraway place, and they have to fight to see who can stay alive the longest.

The contestants can bring up to ten tools from a list that has already been approved. They also get a way to talk to the crew, which is a communication device. They can leave if they want to. All they have to do is tell the crew.

The person who stays in the game until the end wins $500,000. In the Alone Season 10 wiki guide, you can find out more about the show.

How did the season before that end?

How did the 9th season of Alone end? Or, who won the last time around? Here is a quick summary of Season 9 of Alone.

Juan Pablo Quinonez won season 9 of the competition by staying alive the longest. He was out in nature for 78 days.

You can get a better idea by watching the trailer:

Review and ratings

The review of Alone Season 10 is great. The show has been on for nine seasons because it is well-liked. Alone Season 10 has an 8.4/10 rating on IMDb and an 87% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Where can I watch Season 10?

Where can I watch Season 10 of Alone? Season 10 will be shown on History Channel when it comes out. After all the episodes have aired, you can also watch the show on Amazon Prime Videos.

What Will Happen to Season 10 of Alone?

We don’t yet know if Season 10 of Alone will be renewed. We hope that the popular reality show will have another season on History Channel.

Countdown to Season 10

The countdown for Alone Season 10 will begin as soon as the official release date is known.

Alone Season 10 Episode Guide

There are no details about the Alone Season 10 episodes. We will have to wait until the show is confirmed and the date for the first episode of Alone Season 10 is set.

Leaks and Spoilers

At this time, there are no spoilers or sneak peeks for Season 10 of Alone.

What’s New with Season 10 of Alone?

According to news about Alone Season 10, the creators of the show might change a few things for the next season. As of right now, nothing is set in stone.

Follow the Alone Season 10 Twitter page for the latest news about the show.


The poster for Season 10 of Alone has not been released yet.

Last Thoughts on Season 10 of Alone

We don’t know for sure that Alone will have a 10th season yet, but we hope to hear something soon. We’ll let you know when we find out more about the show. Until then, keep an eye on this page.


Who won season 10 of Alone?

Season 10 of Alone hasn't come out yet.

Where does season 10 of Alone take place?

Season 10 of Alone hasn't been picked up yet.

Who wins the season of Alone 2022?

The winner of Alone 2022 was Juan Pablo.

Who has been on Alone the longest?

In the seventh season of Alone, Roland Welker was the one who lasted the longest. He was there for 100 days.

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