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Berlin Station Season 4: When is it coming?

Thriller dramas are very popular right now. People love to watch Berlin Station, which is a show in this genre. This American drama started in October 2016, and there have only been three seasons since then.

Since December 2018, when the third season came out, there have been no more updates on the show. Fans want to know if there will be a Berlin Station Season 4. If yes, when will it be out? Read this article for updates.

When will Season 4 of Berlin Station come out?

People who were hoping for a fourth season of Berlin Station will be sad to hear that the show is over after season 3. That means that there won’t be any more new seasons.

On March 29, 2019, the producers made this terrible news public. You might find out when Season 4 of Berlin Station comes out, but only if an OTT service like Netflix renews it. So far, though, that hasn’t happened.

If there are any changes to the show, we will be the first to let you know.


Berlin Station Season 4

It’s been three years since the cancellation was announced, so there’s not much chance that the show will be brought back. If it does, then the following actors are likely to be in Berlin Station Season 4:

  • Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller
  • Hector DeJean, played by Rhys Ifans
  • Michelle Forbes as Valerie
  • Steven Frost, played by Richard Jenkins
  • Leland Orser as Robert Kirsch
  • As BB Yates, Ashley Judd
  • Keke Palmer as April Lewis


Since the show is over, there won’t be a Season 4 trailer for Berlin Station. Fans were sad that Epix decided to cancel a show they liked.

Sneak Peek

There is no Season 4 of Berlin Station, so we don’t have a teaser for it. We didn’t see any new footage of the show after the third season.

What will happen in Season 4 of Berlin Station?

Berlin Station Season 4

No information about what will happen in Season 4  was given to the audience. If there was a fourth season, it would pick up where the third one left off.

How did the season before that end?

Here’s a quick look back at Season 3 of Berlin Station.

Kirsch and Miller, who were sent on a mission to Estonia, were at the centre of the third season.

Watch the trailer as a guide:

Review Ratings

The review for Berlin Station Season 4 fell during the third season. On IMDb, Season 4 has a score of 7.6/10, and on Rotten Tomatoes, it has a score of 86%.

Where can I watch Season 4 of Berlin Station?

Season 4 is no longer on, so you can’t watch it. But you can watch the first three seasons on Netflix.

What Will Happen to Season 4 of Berlin Station?

The fourth season of Berlin Station will not be renewed. The news was first shared in 2019.

The countdown

There will never be a Berlin Station Season 4 countdown because there will be no more seasons.

Episode Guide

The showrunners never said anything new about Season 4 episodes of Berlin Station. They quickly changed the date for the first episode of Season 4.

Spoilers and leaks

We’re sorry to let you down, but we don’t have any Berlin Station Season 4 spoilers to give you.

What’s New for Season 4 of Berlin Station?

News about Season 4 said that the show was cancelled because of money problems. The show was very expensive to make and to film. Also, MGM was not the owner of the show. Aside from this, the show’s ratings went down a lot during the third season. Taking into account all of these things, the show was cancelled.

You can see all the tweets about the show on the Berlin Station Twitter page.


There is no Season 4 poster for Berlin Station. Promos and posters are used to get the word out about the show. It’s a pretty good reason why the official posters were never made public.


A show like Berlin Station was cancelled, which is sad. You’re lucky that there are other Epix shows you can watch. If we hear anything else about Berlin Station Season 4, we will let you know.


Will Berlin Station have a fourth season?

After the third season, Epix stopped making the show. The news was made public in March 2019.

Why didn’t Berlin have a fourth season?

Budget problems could be one reason why the Berlin Station isn’t going to happen. The cost of filming and making the show was too high for the people who made it to handle.

Is Berlin Station going to return?

There’s not much hope that Berlin Station will be brought back. It will only happen if an OTT service decides to take the show on.

Is it over with Berlin Station?

After the third season, Berlin Station was cancelled.

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