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Best Horse Racing Games For Windows & Mac

Unlike mainstream sports like basketball, football, and tennis, horse racing doesn’t get a lot of global attention from the sports community. After all, it’s not cheap to get into the horse racing business. If you want to be a horse jockey, you need a horse, a stable, and a vast area to practice.

There are other ways to get involved in the horse racing business, including betting on a horse racing event. However, there might be several people who want to live their dreams of becoming a horse jockey without spending a fortune. That’s possible, of course.

There are a number of cool horse racing video games that you can play on your personal computer, and most of these games are free to play. For equestrians, aspiring equestrians, and horse enthusiasts out there, here are the best racing games that you can play on Windows or Mac.

Rival Stars Horse Racing

If you want the whole experience, including compelling stories and stunning graphics, getting yourself a copy of Rival Stars Horse Racing is the way to go. This is not your typical horse racing video game where you go all out on a single race. This game offers you the chance to manage your own ranch and horse stable.

Rival Stars Horse Racing combines the exciting and scientific components of true horse racing. Along with racing horses, you can also use the game’s genetic breeding system to breed your own horses and manage your stable. The game experience is so realistic that you can even hire caretakers to maintain your stable and ranch.

Furthermore, Rival Stars Horse Racing offers you an opportunity that you cannot find in other games. You can ride your horse through different terrains and locations, basically giving you the chance to freely ride your horse through a vast expanse.

Starters Orders 7 Horse Racing

Like Rival Stars Horse Racing, Starters Orders 7 Horse Racing is another horse racing management game. A differentiating factor between the two games is that Starters Orders 7 Horse Racing is more vintage in its approach, as characterized by form cards and old-school betting shops.

Starters Orders 7 Horse Racing also allows you to breed, train, sell, and buy horses. You can even bet on races, which could be some form of training ground for you before you bet on horse races for real. If you want to experience the game in virtual reality, it’s also possible through its Oculus Rift VR headset mode.

Glory Horse Racing

Released in September 2020, Glory Horse Racing is a video game that is very popular with horse enthusiasts. For one, it offers a simple low-graphic interface that doesn’t need a lot of power or storage space from your personal computer.

Despite its old-school interface, Glory Horse Racing still offers a variety of things to do, including managing your own stable, buying horses, and overseeing your jockeys. This game’s low-consumption graphics and strategy-based gameplay make it a cool thing to play.

Melbourne Cup Challenge

Also known as Frankie Dettori Racing in the European video game landscape, Melbourne Cup Challenge is a popular horse racing simulation game. This game offers a multiplayer online mode so you can play with your friends or just random gamers on the Internet.

Melbourne Cup Challenge’s Career Mode also allows you to buy horses at auctions, breed your horses, and manage your stable. Of course, you can also race horses in this game. The race itself presents a unique challenge to gamers, you need to strategize based on weather effects and different race courses.

In addition, Melbourne Cup Challenge also offers other short game modes like jockey challenge and betting party.


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