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Bob Hearts Abishola Season 4: Storyline, Cast, and Everything You Need to Know

A Chuck Lorre, Eddie Gorodetsky, Al Higgins, and Gina Yashere sitcom, Bob Hearts Abishola, returns for its fourth season (yes, finally) after months of speculation and anticipation.

In the same vein as Chuck Lorre’s earlier productions, Bob Hearts Abishola gained fans’ hearts and attention and became one of the most popular shows in the genre lately. As a result, the network gave the show another season of air time.

Find out what the aired episode was about, the release date, the plot, the cast, and more.

Who’s In the Bob Hearts Abishola Season 4 Cast?

Bob Hearts Abishola Season 4 cast

There are recurring roles, as well as Kimberley Scott, Dayo Ade, Saidah Arrika Ekulona, and Tori Danner. Gardell plays Bob Wheeler, the divorced husband of Abishola and entrepreneur at MaxDot.

Bob’s wife, Abishola Odegbami, is played by Olowofoyeku. Ebersole features as Dorothy “Dottie” Wheeler, owner of MaxDot and mother of Bob, Douglas, and Christina; Jones as Douglas Wheeler, Bob’s younger brother and Christina’s twin brother; Maribeth Monroe as Christina Wheeler, Bob’s younger sister and Douglas’ twin sister; Adewusi as Oluwatoyin “Olu” Ifedayo Olatunji, Abishola’s aunt and Tunde’s wife; Henley as Babatunde “Tunde” Olatunji, Abishola’s uncle and Olu’s husband, Travis Wolfe Jr. as Dele Babatunde Adebambo, Abishola’s son from her ex-husband; Vernee Watson-Johnson as Gloria Tyler, Abishola’s co-worker, and friend; Gina Yashere as Kemi, Abishola’s best friend of 20 years; Bayo Akinfemi as Goodwin Aderibigbe Olayiwola, a senior employee at MaxDot, and Anthony Okungbowa as Kofoworola “Kofo” Omogoriola Olanipekun, Goodwin’s cousin and a co-worker at MaxDot.

Bob Hearts Abishola Season 4’s Story?

Bob Hearts Abishola is a comedic take on immigrant life and small businesses in America. It follows Bob Wheeler, a divorced entrepreneur in Detroit. Bob manages his family’s successful sock business along with his mother, Dottie, and younger twin siblings, Doug and Christina.

When a sudden heart attack lands him at the local Woodward Memorial Hospital, he meets Abishola Odegbami, a sincere and hardworking nurse, and instantly falls in love. Despite her initial disinterest, Bob pursues her, and eventually, she starts to like him. Bob’s fascination for Abishola leads to him trying his best to win her over until he gets to propose to her and they get married in an elaborate ceremony in Nigeria.

Ep# 1 Touched by a Holy Hand (Sep 19, 2022 )

Pastor Falade and Ebunoluwa are becoming platonic friends, but the friendship is causing tension at the church. She enlists Kemi’s help to separate the two since Abishola is planning to shame the pastor, and Kemi is attempting to seduce him.

Though Pastor Falade says he isn’t romantically involved with Ebunoluwa, his compliments, and sympathy for her dead and loveless marriage struck a chord with Abishola (who discovered her mom’s plight by fraud). Kemi’s seduction efforts are also effortlessly repelled. Also, Olu and Tunde are being blackmailed by mean-spirited Ogechi about the post-service lunch and the Board of Deacons.

In a ‘deal with the devil,’ Tunde agrees to have the board vote him in as head deacon. Goodwin resigns from MaxDot after accepting a better job offer from Christina. When Bob says Christina is just like Dottie, Christina cries and begs Goodwin to return. However, he later realizes that he doesn’t know Goodwin well and lies to both Goodwin and himself about retiring soon.

Despite Douglas’ offers, Bob and Dottie reject Douglas’ request to take over Goodwin’s business, claiming that Bob can manage the business himself. Despite Bob having lost his father, divorced, and suffered a heart attack, Dottie’s cheerful recitation about Bob’s workhorse pace has the exact opposite effect: Bob leaves the meeting, ignores Dottie’s phone call, throws his tie out the window, and heads for unknown directions.

Ep # 2 Bibles to Brothels (Sep 26, 2022 )

Bob sees a vision of his deceased father as he drives aimlessly and ponders his future. As a result of spending all his time at work and drinking heavily to fill the voids in his life, his father was never around.

As Bob says, he doesn’t want to make the same mistake. With Kemi in tow, Abishola searches for Bob with Dottie. Abiola confronts Bob at his favorite coney dog stand, where he angrily questions how he can even consider quitting.

In the meantime, Christina terminates Goodwin just when he’s settling in. Dottie and Douglas are only suited to run MaxDot with Bob, and Douglas wonders if he will have a job. Kofo’s resume is found on the printer, and Dottie tears it up.

Goodwin is surprised when Bob invites him to MaxDot. Toesey-Woseys are doing well, according to Goodwin, and Bob offers him a seat here. However, Goodwin appears disinterested. As MaxDot’s president, Bob offers to move himself up to CEO while Goodwin runs the company. Upon accepting, Goodwin exits, saying he will retrieve some paintings and photos from his car (the ones he just removed from his Toesey-Wooseys office).

Ep# 3 Americans and Their Dreams ( Oct 3, 2022 )

Bob Hearts Abishola Season 4

Maxdot CEO and stay-at-home Bob Wheeler make Abishola’s morning a memorable one with a gourmet lunch for work and two separate rounds of lovemaking. Nevertheless, when Bob doesn’t use his creative and management gifts when he joins him for a morning shopping trip, Tunde is upset.

He brings the speedboat to the hospital to show his wife, and she thinks he’s crazy. Abishola joins Bob for afternoon cocktails on his boat in his driveway. After a while, she realizes Bob bought this ridiculous item to catch up on the fun he never had. Abiola’s enthusiasm for getting the boat out on the lake evaporates when Bob reveals that he doesn’t know how to swim when Olu, Tunde, and Dele join them in the boat.

A Lagos-based podcaster published an admiring profile about Goodwin’s management of MaxDot (and his supervisory role over Kofo). While Douglas wins over Goodwin with praise, Dottie feels irrelevant. Once again, Christina declines Dottie’s plea to return to MaxDot, calls her while her daughter’s getting a manicure, and they bond about feeling left out.

In the early hours of one night, Goodwin is reluctant to see Dottie in her office, reading a news story about how Goodwin “saved a failing company.” They share warm stories. Dottie wants to take over the family business, while Goodwin wants her to retire and move to Florida.

Ep# 4 Inner Boss Bitch (Oct 10, 2022)

Toesy Wolsey continues to flourish under Christina’s leadership. She is giddy when Jared (Adhir Kalyan) declares she is his new mentor when he shares that he loves the memo she wrote.

Christina is dining alone at a local restaurant and lonely when, guess who shows up? Jared! After sharing life stories, they get completely hammered. After Jared asks Christina if she would like to come home with him, she initially says she doesn’t want to mix personal and professional, but then she sleeps with him and finds out (to her horror) that Jared lives with his mom before fleeing the scene (he later reveals Jared’s mom made them delicious pancakes).

Christina’s mood is shattered in the morning by the HR department. She was fired for “sexually coercing” a subordinate, according to Jared. In the hospital, Christina shows up drunk; Abishola, Kemi, and Gloria give her off-the-books care (mainly to sleep it off, but Gloria notes Christina has high blood pressure).

Despite Christina’s shortcomings, Abishola assures her she has made mistakes and will make more, but through them, she will become more valuable than ever. Despite being horrified by Dottie’s arrival (called in by Abishola), Christina appreciates it when Dottie fully supports her daughter; she says employees who like each other should have sex should be allowed and encouraged and will help Christina. 

Ep# 5 Kicked Outta the Dele Club ( Oct 17, 2022 )

Bob cuts Dele’s hair. Dele shocks Abishola by refusing to remove the twists in his new hairstyle. In response to Bob’s defiance, Abishola grounds Dele without a phone.

Kemi feels Abishola has gone soft at the hospital (she even let Dele keep his bed). Gloria is annoyed by Abishola telling Dele his haircut will offend white racists, and that’s just “the rules.” To avoid Abishola’s wrath, Bob stays with Olu and Tunde and later enters Dele’s house to tell him that he would have had his back if he had trusted him.

Bob tells his mother-in-law to be quiet while talking to his wife about her punishment for getting her ears pierced when she was a child, and Ebunoluwa cites her sentence for Abishola. As Abishola enters Dele’s room that night, she assures him she isn’t there to shave his head after “agreeing” with her mom.

When she escaped the house, she was robbed at a nightclub in Nigeria because she feared her mother. Her son joins them for dinner while she returns his phone (again with all his contacts erased) because she doesn’t want that relationship. 

Ep# 6 Two Rusty Tractors ( Oct 24, 2022 )

In Detroit, Bob looks forward to his new life of leisure (he plans to see a double-feature of John Wayne films), while Abishola is annoyed that he isn’t heading back to work. When his wife buys him a sharp suit, Bob returns to MaxDot in a real crisis.

There seems to be a shortage of socks in Asia due to a monsoon in Malaysia, and none of Dottie’s contacts can help (although she loves the drama). Bob’s miracle solution: compression socks. The hero heads off to save the day despite Goodwin’s denials. Bob accuses Goodwin of being a spendthrift during an overnight stop in Akron.

The socks keep MaxDot. Despite Douglas’ grudging respect for her, she shows her business knowledge. Bob suggests that MaxDot establish a manufacturing division to become self-sufficient and dominant. 

Ep#7 Your Father’s Kingdom ( Nov 14, 2022 )

Gloria provided a sane counterpoint to Abishola’s complaint about Bob and Chukwuemeka. She nearly throws her husband out when they give their retirement savings to their kids, and she finds his memory loss distracting, but she will stay since marriage is a commitment.

When she demands Bob not pursue the leasing option, and he follows up, she gets nastier at Bob’s plan to turn an abandoned factory into MaxDot’s new manufacturing hub. Kemi is told that the pharmacist has lost his top pharma position at CVS after devoting himself to her sexually.

However, things work out: Kemi realizes she loves Chukwuemeka, and her uncharacteristically supportive behavior encourages him to resume their physical activities. Abishola makes the proper demand when she tells Bob that he can ease her concerns by making socks that are the best in the world–which is also his goal.

Ep# 8 Estée Lauder and Goat Meat ( Nov 21, 2022)

Tunde and Bob are thrilled to work together again when Bob enlists his uncle as his point man for renovating the newly purchased factory. Although each man has different plans for remodeling the factory, his concerns about family members sharing space are valid.

Bob plans to complete it as quickly as possible, but Tunde wants to take it apart and renovate it over time. As a result of Bob’s frustration with Tunde, everyone criticizes him for kicking him off the project (even though most people privately tell Bob they agree with his decision).

When Tunde accepts a revised offer to take on a “senior consultant” role, Bob and Tunde mend fences. The same is true for Abishola (who already knew about Ebunoluwa’s loveless marriage in Nigeria), while Tunde will primarily be on board with Goodwin and Bob’s decisions. Abishola throws her mother a party to cheer her up after she receives a package containing cherished items from home. This doesn’t make Ebunoluwa worse than she usually is.

Ep# 9 Idle Nigerians (Dec 5, 2022)

As Bob spends so much money on other matters (including the roof), Abishola has to handle a drain issue at the new manufacturing site. As the nurses strike, Abishola loses his job. Gloria/Kemi/Abishola have different views at the hospital: Kemi isn’t on strike because the cafeteria workers haven’t walked out, but a discussion with a strike-breaking nurse converts her.

Gloria’s firm line on being treated relatively wins Abishola over, even as she wants to accept a pathetic management offer. While Gloria wants a sorry management deal, her firm stance on being treated relatively wins Abishola over. The warehouse project fails despite Bob’s best efforts.

She initially treats him harshly. Because Bob has always been there for her and MaxDot, she secretly meets with Dottie to ask for help based on Bob’s history. Douglas and Christina are enraged when Dottie uses the savings she earmarked for their inheritance to finance Bob’s new facility.

Ep# 10 An Afro and a Peugeot ( Jan 16, 2023)  

There is an argument between Bob and Abishola over whether Dele is ready to get behind the wheel and decide whether to take matters into their own hands or not.


Q: When does Season 4 of “Bob Hearts Abishola” air?

A: Season 4 of "Bob Hearts Abishola" premiered on September 19, 2022.

Q: Who are the prominent cast members in Season 4 of “Bob Hearts Abishola”?

A: The prominent cast members in Season 4 of "Bob Hearts Abishola" include Billy Gardell as Bob Wheeler, Folake Olowofoyeku as Abishola Odegbami, Christine Ebersole as Dorothy "Dottie" Wheeler, Matt Jones as Douglas Wheeler, Maribeth Monroe as Christina Wheeler, and more.

Q: What is the storyline of “Bob Hearts Abishola” Season 4?

A: "Bob Hearts Abishola" is a sitcom that portrays immigrant life and small businesses in America. It follows Bob Wheeler, a divorced entrepreneur, and Abishola Odegbami, a sincere, hardworking nurse who falls in love. Season 4 explores their relationship and challenges in their personal and professional lives.

Q: Can you summarize the aired episodes from Season 4?

A: Here is a summary of the aired episodes from Season 4:

Episode 1: "Touched by a Holy Hand": Abishola plans to shame Pastor Falade while Kemi attempts to seduce him. Tunde agrees to a deal with the Board of Deacons, and Goodwin resigns from MaxDot.

Episode 2: "Bibles to Brothels": Bob questions his future after a vision of his deceased father. Christina gets fired, and Abishola takes care of her.

Episode 3: "Americans and Their Dreams": Bob and Abishola's relationship faces a challenge when Bob neglects his creative and management gifts. Abishola realizes Bob bought a boat to make up for missed experiences.

Episode 4: "Inner Boss Bitch": Christina sleeps with a subordinate, leading to her termination. Dottie supports her daughter and encourages a change in company policy.

Episode 5: "Kicked Outta the Dele Club": Abishola grounds Dele, leading to tensions between her and Kemi. Abishola shares her own experiences with Dele, fostering understanding.

Episode 6: "Two Rusty Tractors": Bob returns to work to address a sock shortage. Bob and Abishola face different plans for the factory renovation but eventually reconcile.

Episode 7: "Your Father's Kingdom": Gloria questions Bob's plans for the factory, but they find a compromise. Kemi rekindles her relationship with Chukwuemeka.

Episode 8: "Estée Lauder and Goat Meat": Bob and Tunde clash over the factory's remodeling, but they reconcile. Abishola supports her mother during a tough time.

Episode 9: "Idle Nigerians": Abishola loses her job due to a nurses' strike. Bob's warehouse project fails, but Dottie offers financial help.

Episode 10: "An Afro and a Peugeot": Bob and Abishola argue about Dele's readiness to drive, leading to a decision-making dilemma.


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