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Chaney Jones Net Worth, Age, Instagram, Wiki, Biography

Chaney Jones is an up-and-coming American model, social media influencer, and TV star. Her fans love her for how beautiful she is.

Read the Chaney Jones wiki to learn more about this model. This is a full biography of Chaney Jones. You can learn about her age, net worth, contact information, Instagram, salary, career, education, boyfriends, controversies, and more.

Celebrity Name: Chaney Jones
Real Name: Chaney Jones
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Net Worth 2022: $27 million
Profession: Model, social media influencer
Date of Birth: August 29, 1997
Height (in cm): 170 cm
Height (in ft): 5 ft 7 in
Relationship Status: Dating Kanye West
Instagram:  chaneyjonesssss
Nationality: American
Data Updated: 2022

Chaney Jones’s life story

Chaney Jones

Just 24, Chaney Jones is young. She still has a long way to go before she becomes as well-known as other big models. As of right now, there is no Wikipedia page for Chaney Jones. Fans can’t find correct information about her because of this.

Jones spends most of her time on Instagram, where she posts photos and videos often. She has worked with a lot of different brands and modeled for a lot of different products.

In the Chaney Jones bio below, you can find out more about her.

Chaney Jones’s Income

In 2022, Chaney Jones is expected to have a $27 million net worth. On the internet, you can’t find out how much she makes each month or each year.

Name: Chaney Jones
Net Worth (USD): $27 million
Net Worth (INR): 27 Crore
Profession: Model, social media influencer
Monthly Income & Salary: Not Known
Yearly Income: Not Known
Income Source: Modeling, brand promotions
Data Updated: 2022

Chaney Jones makes money every month from modeling jobs and promoting brands. She works with different designers, fashion brands, and magazines. The photoshoots that Chaney Jones does also bring in money for her salary.

Even though no one knows how much Chaney Jones makes each year, it is clear that she makes a good living.

A Look at Chaney Jones’s Wealth

After we talk about how much Chaney Jones will be worth in 2022, let’s talk about what she owns.

Chaney Jones’s Homes and Land

We found out that Chaney Jones lives in a pricey apartment in New York City when we looked into where she lives. We couldn’t find any other properties owned by Chaney Jones.

Cars and Bikes by Chaney Jones

Chaney Jones has a total of 5 cars. All of her cars are brand-new and cost a lot of money. She bought a Porsche 911 not long ago. She also owns a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, a Jaguar XF, a Range Rover Sport, and an Audi RS Q8.

Early Life of Chaney Jones

Chaney Jones was born on August 29, 1997, according to her biography. She is 24 years old right now.

Chaney Jones was born and raised in Dover, Delaware, for those of you who were wondering.

We found out that Chaney Jones worked for many brands, magazines, and designers when we looked into her background.

The Education of Chaney Jones

Based on what we’ve found, we know that Chaney Jones went to a local school for his education. When she was done with high school, she went to a well-known college.

Once, she wrote on Instagram that she had finished her bachelor’s degree and was now working on her master’s. But no one knows what Chaney Jones school and college are called.

The Life of Chaney Jones

Chaney Jones’s job prospects look good. She has worked for GSUWOO, KY Boutique, and other well-known brands. She’s only 24 years old, but she’s already done a lot on her own.

What made Chaney Jones famous?

Chaney Jones’s career took off after she went to Kanye West’s listening party, which made her famous. It was a huge party, and many well-known people and media outlets were there.

About 631K people follow Chaney Jones on Instagram. After she started dating Kanye West, the number of her fans also went up.

The life of Chaney Jones

We tried to find out about Chaney Jones’s family, but we couldn’t find anything. We also looked at her social media accounts, but she never wrote anything about her family.

But we do know what religion Chaney Jones followed. She believes in Jesus Christ.

Jones has a huge number of online fans. People want to know who Chaney Jones has dated. She is dating Kanye West right now. We couldn’t find out anything about her ex-boyfriends.

Real Name: Chaney Jones
Nick Name: Chaney
Birthday: August 29, 1997
Religion: Christianity
Mother’s Name: Not Known
Father’s Name: Not Known
Siblings: Not Known
Hometown: Dover, Delaware
Residence: New York City
Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: None
Hobbies: Not Known

What Chaney Jones Looks Like

Jones is a beautiful woman who has some tattoos on her body. People have said that she looks like West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian since she started dating Kanye West. Chaney Jones is 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs about 53 kg.

Chaney Jones says she and Kanye West did not break up.

Chaney Jones has said that she and her boyfriend Kanye West are not breaking up. She asked people to be kind and not spread rumours and false information about her relationship.

How to Reach Chaney Jones

If you want to know what she’s doing every day, you should follow her on social media.

Chaney Jones’s Instagram is

Jones is not on any of the other social media sites except for Instagram.

The End of the Story about Chaney Jones

This Chaney Jones bio was written to tell you about her personal life and net worth. If we find out more about Chaney Jones, we will add it to this Wiki. So, keep coming back to the page often to find out more.


What is Chaney Jones’ profession?

Chaney Jones is a professional in the field of counseling. She holds the position of COO at First State Behavioral Health, a counseling service with branches in Camden, Delaware, and Atlanta, Georgia. Her father, Avon Jones, serves as the CEO of the same organization. Another employee at the company, Danielle Jones, also provides therapeutic services, but her relationship to Chaney is currently unknown.

What is the source of Chaney Jones’ wealth?

Chaney Jones, according to A Real News, has an estimated net worth of approximately $2 million. Her financial success is largely attributed to her role as an influencer, where she secures brand partnerships. Additionally, she has gained some income through her modeling career.

What is Chaney Jones’ age?

Chaney Jones was born on August 28, 1997, making her a Virgo as per astrological signs. Her birthplace is Dover, Delaware.

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