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COMMUNITY Recap: Wedding Videography

The 109th episode of the American comedy television series Community is “Wedding Videography,” the twelfth and penultimate episode of the sixth season. Briggs Hatton wrote it, and Adam Davidson directed it. On May 26, 2015, the episode was made available on Yahoo! Screen in the United States.

Abed makes a documentary while the gang attends a wedding for two of their classmates in the episode. Their self-centered behavior attracts unfavorable attention from the other guests, and when Jeff volunteers to propose a toast to make up for their transgressions, he unintentionally discovers the newlyweds are related. Critics gave the episode mixed reviews.


Briggs Hatton wrote “Wedding Videography,” which was directed by Adam Davidson. Hatton’s first and only writing credit for the show, as well as Davidson’s eighth and last directorial credit, are both included. The episode is shot in a mockumentary style and presents itself as one of Abed’s documentary efforts.

The mockumentary format had previously been employed in “Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking,” “Documentary Filmmaking: Redux,” and “Advanced Documentary Filmmaking” on the show. 

Erin McGathy plays Stacy, who just married series creator Dan Harmon in real life. Harmon noted that the show played on his worries about what it would be like to marry him. In the final scene, Matt Gourley plays Hatton, and another actor fills in for Harmon.

Harmon subsequently claimed that he didn’t appear as himself since Hatton and the other writers in the scene were all played by actors and he didn’t want to stick out from the crowd.


Okay. I’m now sure that there is no topic that Community should avoid. They’ve done everything from “the floor is lava” games on campus to Garrett getting married. I never imagined any of this would be possible.

This is the program I had no idea I wanted (until I watched it), and I’ve never regretted making it to Season 6.

Garrett proposes to his girlfriend, Stacy, while in Jeff’s class this week on the penultimate episode of Community Season 6. Abed then goes on to film a wedding documentary.

After Garrett’s mother chastises them for being late and obnoxious, the gang resolves to be the best wedding guests ever, but they find some disturbing secrets in the process.

Power of Community

The power of community never ceases to astonish me. I was laughing along with them, thoroughly pleased by practically everything that happened (as usual), when they revealed a shocking fact: Garrett’s Aunt Polly and Stacy’s MeeMaw are the same people.

I was stunned and terrified, but basically, I couldn’t stop laughing. The show’s vibe was gradually developing and getting progressively pleasant, and suddenly it simply shocks you. Community is many things, but it would not be hilarious if it were predictable.

Garrett Getting Married

My favorite part of this episode was not the “incest” topic or the documentary-style film (though both were amusing). My favorite aspect was how this ludicrous event highlighted real, realistic folks. The gang’s unpleasant behavior was clearly called out at one time, and it changed them. It inspired them to do better.

They still operated within the ludicrous boundaries in which the characters reside, but it highlighted their weaknesses, hearts, and individual wants. The show revolved around the premise of “Garrett getting married,” but it was also a fascinating character study of our gang.

Throughout all of this craziness, my favorite part was Chang saving the wedding. Of course, his trip has been the most bizarre of all the characters on this program. Chang has done it all, from Spanish teacher to supervillain to Greendale student.

He has, after all, convinced Garrett and Stacy to stay married. Chang’s speech and plea to Garrett, as disgusting as the whole thing was, was strangely heartwarming and nice. I’m still not sure if I was sobbing because I was laughing or crying because I was crying, but the whole thing moved me.

Here Are Some of My Favorite Moments and Quotes From The Episode:

  • “Good luck, Garrett!” – Jeff
  • Britta’s perception of Garrett.
  • I’d love to play “Celebrity Garrett Marriage.”
  •  “I’m all alone at home!”
  • Chang
  • “My name is Elroy Patashnik, and I was addicted to encouraging white folks from 2006 until 2009.”
  • Elroy
  • “I’m not going to give a Winger speech.”
  • “Who, Hitler? Hitler!” Britta –
  •  “Britta, right now we’re ALL the worst. “Take the day off.” Dean Pelton’s

Episode Reviews 

Critics gave the episode mixed reviews. IGN’s Eric Goldman gave it an 8.5 out of 10, indicating an “excellent” episode, and noted that the program once again proved how self-centered the major characters can be. He praised Chang’s performance, Elroy’s (Keith David) obsession with “encouraging white folks,” and the ending tag.

Alan Sepinwall of Uproxx lauded the episode, along with the previous week’s “Modern Espionage,” as the greatest of the season and a return to form for the program.

He stated that, while the show has previously delivered greater mockumentary commentary, the episode nevertheless presented a solid outsider’s perspective on the group’s relationships.


What is the 109th American comedy television series Community episode called?

The 109th episode is called "Wedding Videography." This is the twelfth and penultimate episode of the sixth season.

Who wrote and directed the “Wedding Videography” episode?

Briggs Hatton wrote the episode, and Adam Davidson directed it.

What is the storyline of the episode “Wedding Videography”?

In this episode, Abed makes a documentary while the gang attends a wedding for two of their classmates. The group's self-centered behavior attracts negative attention from the other guests, and in trying to fix their mistakes, Jeff unintentionally reveals that the newlyweds are related.

How was the episode “Wedding Videography” filmed?

The episode was filmed in a mockumentary style as one of Abed's documentary projects. This format was previously used in attacks "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking," "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux," and "Advanced Documentary Filmmaking" on the show.


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