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Despicable Me 4: Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Storyline

In 2010, the first Despicable Me movie came out, and it was a big hit. There have been three movies in the Despicable Me series so far, and the most recent one came out in 2017. We finally have news about Despicable Me 4 after waiting for years.

Universal Pictures and Illumination are getting ready to release the fourth Despicable Me movie. Read this article to find out when Despicable Me 4 will come out and learn more.

When will Despicable Me 4 come out?

Universal Pictures and Illumination have said that a new movie will be added to the Despicable Me series. In the Despicable Me movies, Gru and his minions get into all kinds of trouble.

The next movie in the Despicable Me series will come out on July 3, 2024. Before that, an unnamed Illumination animated movie was in that spot.

If everything goes as planned, the release date for 4th season won’t change. If anything changes, we will let you know here.

Despicable Me Cast Fans are also happy to hear about Despicable Me 4 cast (voice). Most of the main actors from the first three movies will be back for season 4. If that’s the case, the next movie will have the following actors or voice actors.

  • Gru (Steve Carell)
  • Kristen Wiig as Gru’s wife Lucy Wilde
  • Margo, Gru’s eldest daughter, was played by Miranda Cosgrove.
  • Silas Ramsbottom is played by Steve Coogan.
  • Minions as Pierre Coffin

At the moment, we can’t say for sure if the next movie will have more new characters.

The trailer for Despicable Me 4

From what we know, the movie is being made right now. Since the movie won’t come out until 2024, it’s too soon to expect a trailer. When the movie is almost done being made, the trailer will be taken down.

Sneak Peek

Despicable Me 4 will come out on July 3, 2024. A teaser for the movie will come out a month or two before the movie comes out. So get ready to wait a long time.

The plot and expected storyline

The plot of Despicable Me 4 is kept a secret. The movie should be as good as the ones that came before it.

We can guess that 4th season will be about another supervillain who can only be stopped by Gru. On the Despicable Me wiki page, you can find out more.

What happened at the end of the last movie?

Let’s do a quick Despicable Me 3 recap.

At the end of the third movie, the family goes home, and everything goes back to normal. Lucy and Gru both get back to work. Dru is with his family and is in charge of the Minions.

Check out the trailer to get an idea of the story:

Review & Ratings

Since the first movie, good things have been said about Despicable Me 4. The IMDb rating for 4th season is 7.6/10 and the Rotten Tomatoes rating is 81%.

Where can you see “Despicable Me 4”?

This is a very important question that needs to be answered. From what people think, the movie will first come out in theatres. After a month from when it came out, the movie might be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. But nothing like that has been proven yet.

Status of Renewal

Chris Meledandri, CEO of Illumination, told us in September 2017 how the renewal of Despicable Me 4 was going.

The countdown

The Despicable Me 4 countdown will be long, since the movie won’t come out until July 3, 2024. This means there are still two years left.

Spoilers and leaks

We are still a little early to talk about what will happen in Despicable Me 4.

New about Despicable Me 4

CEO of Illumination Chris Meledandri said that his goal is to make movies that make people happy. Back in 2017, he said that 4th would be made.

Follow the Despicable Me Twitter page to find out more news about the movie.


There is no promotional poster for Despicable Me 4 that can be used.

The concept trailer

Check out this idea for a Despicable Me 4 trailer that was made by a fan. This will tell you what to expect from the movie that’s coming out soon.

Last Thoughts

On July 3, 2024, the next Despicable Me movie will come out. The fourth movie in the Despicable Me series. Keep coming back to this page to learn more about the movie.


What does Despicable Me 4 stand for?

The name of the fourth movie in the Despicable Me series has yet to be discovered.

How old is Gru in the fourth movie?

Gru will be 58 years old In the fourth movie In the fourth movie,

In Despicable Me 4, who is the bad guy?

In the fourth season, the bad guy will be Gru, whose voice is done by Steve Carell.

Is there going to be a Despicable 4?

On July 3, 2024, 4th season will be released.

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