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Did Walter the dog die due to gunshot wounds

You might know Walter the dog, who is also called Pana Walter in memes that are popular on social media sites. Even though everyone knows the dog as Walter, his real name is Nelson. Walter, a bull terrier, became famous in memes after a closeup photo of him went viral in 2018.

People saw the terrier’s face for the first time in 2018 when its owner uploaded a photo of it. The photo of the dog had the caption “When you accidentally open the front-facing camera.”

Is Walter the dog dead?

It is said that Walter has died on social media. But this is a trick. Walter is very much alive and is in perfect health condition. His owner put an end to the rumours that he had died, which were going around.

The rumour started when a website called posted a picture of a bull terrier lying on the ground after being shot. The article said that the confusion was caused by Walter, the dog that everyone loved.

After this, the Instagrammers and Twitterati shared their sadness about the death of their beloved dog Pana Walter.

When Walter’s owner heard this, she quickly put an end to the rumour by saying that Walter, whose real name is Nelson, is still alive. The owner shared a photo of Nelson on social media platforms.

Whose pictures were used to represent Walter the dog, then?

Walter is still alive, but in the pictures, the dead dog is Billy’s. Billy the dog was shot while trying to protect his owner during a robbery with guns in Philadelphia. The good news is that Billy is still alive.

After being shot, Billy is on his way to getting better quickly. Billy was shot on January 14, 2020, at the corner of 48th and Osage streets in West Philadelphia. Billy was being walked by his owner, who was 25 years old when two men with guns came up to him.

The thieves took a phone and killed a dog. Billy was immediately rushed to Penn Vet, and he survived this fatal injury.

So, you can stop spreading false information because Walter, aka Nelson, is still alive.


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