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Dirty John Season 3 : When is it coming? Latest Updates

People who watched  of Dirty John Season 2 on Netflix liked it a lot. After the second season ended, fans almost immediately started wondering if Dirty John would be back for a third season.

Based on a true-crime podcast, the Bravo show that first aired in 2018 is now in its second season. The first episode of the show came out on TV on November 15, 2018. On November 15, 2019, you could stream it on Netflix. There are scandals, drama, and crimes in Dirty John. This, along with the great way the show is directed and how it tells its stories, is the perfect recipe for a fan favourite.

In Dirty John, the story of con man John Meehan and his connection to Debra Newell is based on real events. For its first season, the show was nominated for a Golden Globe, which brought it even more attention.

Release Date

The second season of Dirty John, called “The Betty Broderick Story,” was based on real events and was a scandal drama. Betty Broderick’s story was the focus of Season 2, which was about a completely different person.

Even though it’s been almost two years since the second season of Dirty John started on Netflix, neither Bravo nor Netflix have said anything about the third season. No one has talked about it going into production either.

If we assume that the show will have a third season, fans may be able to watch it on Bravo around the end of 2022. But Netflix viewers shouldn’t expect season 3 to be available before the end of 2023. We’re making these guesses based on how Bravo and Netflix have been acting in the first two seasons.


Each season of the show follows a different controversial story. Because of this, it’s very unlikely that any of the actors from the first two seasons will be in season 3. No one has even talked about who might be cast in season 3. This probably has to do with the fact that there is still no official word on whether or not the show will continue.

Several well-known actors were able to stay with the show for its first two seasons. Julia Garner, Connie Britton, Amanda Peet, Eric Bana, and Christian Slater were all among these actors. This makes people want to know who will show up in future episodes of this true-crime series.

Dirty John Season 3


So far, we don’t know much about what will happen in Season 3 of Dirty John. The second part of the series went a little bit in a different direction from the first. It told the story of Betty Broderick and her shady life and the murder that happened because of it.

By adding murder and scandals, it stuck to the same theme as the first season, which was about John Meehan’s life and scandals. Taking all of this into account, it seems likely that the third season will also be about the theme.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the showrunner, Alexandra Cunningham, let slip that they did have some ideas for what they wanted to show in the third part of the series. She says that the team is trying to focus on a theme that has more to do with family and the drama that comes with it.

“To me, family is the last example of love gone wrong. I guess that’s where love gone wrong really starts, especially when it comes to being a parent. “If I had the chance, I’d like to learn more about that,” said Alexandra.

But this interview happened in July 2020, and there have been no updates or follow-ups since then.


Since there have been no updates about Season 3, it is not surprising that there has not been a trailer. The producers haven’t hired any actors yet, and judging by how quiet it is, filming hasn’t started either. So, the people who made the trailer don’t have much to say about it.

If the show gets picked up for a third season, we might see a teaser or trailer about a month before the first episode comes out.

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