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How to Get to Secret Snow Area? How to Reach Elden ring?

How to get to the secret snow area is again a very important task in Elden’s ring. Because Elden Ring is thought to have the largest map and snow area map of any game ever made. There are a lot of places to go in this game, so you can spend hours playing it.

The area with snow is early. How to get when there are many ways to get there? How to get to the holy snowfield is a question that keeps coming up in the minds of gamers. You don’t need to be concerned about anything because this post will provide all of the information that you require,

How do I get to the area with snow in Elden Ring?

In the game, there are many ways to go. To show that you are skilled enough, you have to get to the snowy area. We will show you a map of the snowy area. The Giant’s mountaintops are another name for the snowy area of Elden. To go further in the game, you need to get to that snowy area.

This area is split into two levels, and you need the Rold Medallion and the head of the Great Lift of Rold to get there. First, you must defeat Morgoth in the city of Lyndell. He is the king of the Mark. It will give you access to the things above and let you go in a different direction.

There are two ways to get to the snow area, but one of them is hidden. You need the Haligtree Secret Medallion, which has two pieces. To get to the secret area, you also have to fight Melania and get the two of them. Then you have to go back to Lift of Roads with the medallions you’ve found. This is the second way to get in.

Where can the Medallion be found?

  • You need both parts of the Haligtree Secret Medallion to get to the consecrated snowfield.
  • You have to play the game for a while before you can get the first half, which is the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right).
  • You can find it in the Site of Grace in the Village of Albinauric. When you get there, go straight up the hill to the right of the Site.
  • Keep moving forward, but be sure to fight the enemies because that’s where you’ll find a lot. Keep moving until you find a fairly large container that is lying on its right side.
  • Attach the pot twice so the NPC will come out. You can either listen to what the guy says or kill him with sake to get the first half of the MedallionMedallion.
  • Now, you need to go to the very advanced area to get the other half of the Secret Medallion. It’s not easy to get the second half.
  • The best thing to do would be to go to the snowy part of Elden Ring, which is now farther north and closer to the part of Castle Sol called Stargazer’s Ruins.
  • Straight to the Castle Sol Main Gate Site of Lost Grace, but be ready to meet some enemies along the way. You also have to beat Commander Niall, who is the boss.
  • From the boss, move north. When some knights try to let you down by making ghost soldiers, you must turn on the Site of Lost Grace.
  • Keep going forward in a straight line. In the back, there is a doorway that leads to a set of stairs and the building on the right.
  • You can get to the top by taking the elevator. Take the stairs to get out of the building. You have to look for the purple thing.
  • You now have the second half of the Haligtree Secret Medallion, so congratulations! (Left).


Pay attention to these steps if you want to get to the snow area early. It’s not hard to get to the snow area or the snow area map, but there are many places in the game that make it hard to get to the snow area in Elden field. Now is the time to read the whole blog and win it all at once.


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