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Features Every Good Sports Betting App Needs

Figure 1 Customers expect to be able to bet on any sports event – and apps help with that

The gambling industry has been revolutionized in the last 25 years. Once regarded as a niche (although very popular) pastime for specific groups in society, sports betting is now enjoyed by millions of people, from every walk of life, all around the world.

 One of the reasons for its increased popularity has been the advances in technology. The entire area of business was changed forever by the advent of online sites and now mobile apps have grown the market even more. The best sports betting apps are now easy to download and have attracted even more customers to gambling firms.

 Here are some of the must-have features for any good sports betting app.

 Easy Login

 Sometimes it is not the flashiest or most exciting feature that is necessary to help the growth of an app. Being able to log into a customer account is obviously important – as users would not be able to place a bet otherwise. But there is no need to make this step more difficult than it needs to be.

 There is a need for some security here, in the form of usernames and/or passwords, but customers need to get to the betting markets as quickly as possible. So the process must be quick and easy. There is absolutely no need for any complex add-ons with this feature.

 Quick Payments

 There is nothing that the betting firms can really do about how long winning returns can take to be paid out. They are beholden to the banks and the regulations surrounding payments. But they can make the withdrawal request process as swift as it possibly can be.

 Depositing funds into an account can – and should be – instant though. A good sports betting app will be designed to allow the user to find the banking section as soon as possible and then make their transaction in the simplest manner. As with many betting app features, speed is of the essence.

 Live Betting

 One of the types of betting that has really enjoyed an increase in usage since the online and mobile app revolution is live markets. Sometimes referred to as ‘in-play’, this is when a user is able to place bets on a sports event that has already begun.

 This gives the sportsbooks a lot more scope in the markets that they can offer. But it also gives customer account holders the chance to bet on the smallest details of an event – and over and over again if they want to. Any betting app needs to have a speedy live betting process and the markets are prominently featured soon after log in.

Sports Betting App

Figure 2 Mobile apps encourage greater engagement

Games and Offers

 Now we are getting to the features that make a sports betting app stand out from the competition. Promotions and offers are nothing new when it comes to the betting industry. Sportsbooks will typically offer free bets, deposit matches, and other bonuses to potential new customers. But ongoing games and promotions can keep up interest and engagement.

 Mobile apps are the perfect setting for these kinds of offers, as they are designed to be used at any time. It is even better if the games are free to play as well. That way, customers feel as if they are getting the chance to win something for nothing, but are still remaining on the app providing the sportsbooks with greater involvement and use.

 Live Streaming

This is one feature that really is a sign of a good sports betting app. As we have already mentioned, live betting is very popular. But when a user can also watch the live action, the engagement is as strong as it can be – and will also inspire the user to place further bets.

 Not all sports events can be live-streamed, of course, due to broadcasting rights. But a good selection of events and sports is an attractive proposition for users. It is even better if they can view the sporting action without even having to place a bet on the event. In the end, sports betting apps should encourage customers to use them for longer and also provide a quick and trouble-free way of gambling.


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