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Greenhouse Academy Season 5 : Renewed or Cancelled?

Greenhouse Academy Season 5  will not be coming back to Netflix. Digital Spy says that Netflix has already said that the fifth season of its original show Greenhouse Academy will not be coming back after 2020. Megan Davies says that the news was confirmed by Giora Chamizer, who wrote the original “Ha-Hamama” and made the TV show “Greenhouse Academy” based on it.

The story of two brothers and sisters is at the centre of the show Greenhouse Academy. So, both of them have trouble with their mental, emotional, and physical health at an elite school called Greenhouse Academy.

At first, the Greenhouse Academy was a place where they could get away from the sad news that their mother had died. Later, they both realise that this was their life in high school, stuck in a dead end. In the meantime, they look for the truth behind all the strange things that keep happening in the series.

So, why do you think Netflix didn’t let Greenhouse Academy come out on DVD for the fifth time? Read on if you want to know a fact.

The fifth season of Greenhouse Academy is over, but why?

According to Digital Spy, Giora Chamizer confirmed on his Instagram story that Netflix has, in fact, turned down Season 5 of Greenhouse Academy. He and the rest of the crew were very upset when they heard that Season 5 was going to end. As he confirmed the sad news that Netflix’s original show Greenhouse Academy has been “discontinued,” he was in pain.

Along with the news that Netflix didn’t like the fifth season of Greenhouse Academy, people have also tried to figure out why this shocking drop might have happened. Let’s take a look at what these ideas say.

Greenhouse Academy Season 5

Sneak Peek

The likely reason why Season 5 of Greenhouse Academy won’t be liked
As was seen, the Israeli teen drama Greenhouse Academy became popular with its viewers at first. Later, the show’s popularity started to fall with each new season until the fourth one. The FANSIDED staff used this fact a lot in their article, saying:

“The drama-filled science fiction show seemed to lose some of its initial appeal over time.”

Greenhouse Academy’s Season 5 Renewal, Which Is a Big Deal

According to Digital Spy, this is big news from Giora. Yes, Netflix has decided not to stream the 5th part of the Greenhouse Academy series. As FANSIDED points out, the fact that Netflix might cancel the show doesn’t mean that this is the end of the story. Instead, it can be brought from other platforms to the premiere. Also, the show’s creator, Giora, still has to make sure that Season 5 of Greenhouse Academy ends well. The next steps are to find out where Greenhouse Academy Season 5 will premiere and who will be on the cast and crew.

Greenhouse Academy’s Season 5 Renewal, Which Is a Big Deal

We have to wait until we hear something important about how Season 5 of Giora’s Greenhouse Academy is coming along.

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