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How ‘BEASTARS’ Uses Anthropomorphic Animals to Create an Authentic Teenage Protagonist

Legoshi, sometimes known as Legosi, is the primary protagonist of Beastars and a male gray wolf. Others fear and mistake him because he is a tall carnivore, but he is actually quite mild-mannered, gentle, and awkward. Legoshi has taken it upon himself to investigate the mystery of Tem’s death and discovers firsthand the degree of the prejudices that exist in the world he lives in.


Legoshi is a tall, thin gray wolf with a hunched posture. His stature and size might make him appear intimidating, especially to lesser herbivores. The majority of the fur on his body is bluish-gray, with cream fur on his face, neck, and chest. Though he appears to be a regular pure-blooded gray wolf, it was later revealed in the series that Legoshi has some slightly unique qualities due to his background.

Certain characteristics, such as his eyes, facial structure, and demeanor, he acquired from his grandfather, a Komodo dragon. Legoshi used to have the huge irises that are prevalent in wolves until he became an adolescent. 


Legoshi is a gentle gray wolf with a loving heart and kind personality, which contrasts with his intimidating appearance. He frequently tries to conceal his more fearsome qualities, such as his fangs, in order to become more acquainted with his herbivore colleagues. Legoshi is very aware of his own existence and frequently attempts to minimize it. This is shown in his postures and mannerisms, as he frequently slouches whether standing or sitting. 

Beginning Series 

Legoshi was an outsider at the start of the series, avoiding attention and interaction with other people. As a result, he became a socially awkward person. Behind his deadpan demeanor and veneer lurks a great deal of self-loathing. For years, his self-awareness as a huge carnivore, along with his familial nature, made him feel isolated from others, and he chose to isolate himself. As a result, he undervalued his own worth, damaging his self-esteem.

As the book unfolds, Legoshi gradually accepts himself as a carnivorous gray wolf and gains confidence in himself as he has a greater understanding of the world around him. Legoshi develops into a much more sociable environment, one who appreciates being around other people but also enjoys his own company at times.

Skills and Abilities

Amateur Detective

Legoshi, an amateur detective, was able to solve Tem’s murder without the assistance of a police detective or anyone else. When he was attacked from behind and his eyes were obscured, Legoshi kissed his mouth to recognize his saliva. When he ordered Juno to open her mouth to see the difference between the mouths of a carnivore male and a female, he learned that the killer is a male. Later, he drank the bottles from the male students’ locker to distinguish the flavor of the saliva, but the killer was revealed when he received a note threatening him inside the locker.

Enhanced Senses 

Legoshi, as a gray wolf, has highly developed senses such as night vision, smell, taste, and hearing. Despite being bound and blindfolded, he was able to detect Riz’s position and fight him off. He keeps an “archive” of the smells of every animal he’s ever encountered and deduced that Pina was alive just based on his fragrance. 

Increased Strength 

Legoshi is a good warrior despite his lack of formal training (with the exception of Gohin), understands the strengths and weaknesses of the other species he encounters, and has only lost to a few stronger opponents. Legoshi’s skin gets more bite-resistant under Gohin’s instruction, with even Riz commenting on its toughness.

Independence From Meat

Legoshi can acquire strength without consuming meat. It was possible for him because of his training with Gohin. By trapping the ferocious carnivores, wearing a muzzle (he was not allowed to bite during the training), and restraining his instincts, he was able to stay inside the room with massive meat in front of him. He lost strength in his jaw since the strength had been transferred to his arms. He might have gotten it from his grandfather, the Komodo dragon Gosha. However, the strength is ineffective against large animals. He had to eat beef to defeat Riz during their fight.

Family Tree 











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