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How to Apply for Courses in Australia?

Australia is a favorite destination for studying and is famous for its sceneries, opera, and zoos, cultural and lingual diversity. There are about 43 universities in the country with quality education and lots of choices in university courses in Australia. Everyone has the chance of getting admission to top Australian universities just by following the right steps.

  1. Check that you meet the criteria

Firstly, you have to check whether you meet the criteria for applying to relevant universities. For instance, when applying for a master’s, do you have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject? Moreover, you need many important documents including an updated passport, a student visa, and an admission letter from the desired university. 

  1. Select your course 

Australian universities allow you to choose subjects before you take admitted. Now you should select more than one course and multiple universities. This increases your chances of getting admission and you can swap for your favorite subject. 

  1. Select the mode of course application

Beginning the application process is the most important part of your admission. At this point, you have already decided on the subjects and the universities that offer those courses. 

Australian universities give you multiple options for applying. You can apply through a local agent, directly at the university website, or via an external agent. An agent assists you throughout the process and it goes smoothly. But if you like to make your own decisions, better go to the website yourself. 

  1. Take an English language test

For international students, taking an English language competency test is necessary. IELTS is the most popular one. Other tests include PTE, C1 advanced, and TOEFL. You can get enrolled in any institution for preparation. Once you have a score above 6.0 you are good to go.’

  1. Apply to different courses

Now the final process begins with submitting your applications to different universities with different courses. At this point, you have decided everything from courses to university and agent. You can submit it directly via the university website. You will then shortly receive confirmation of enrollment (CoE) after two to three weeks of application.

  1. Submit visa application

After receiving the confirmation letter, you have to apply for a visa. The Australian immigration website is the perfect place to apply for a student visa and you will have to pay around 420 USD for the process. 

You also need health insurance before applying for the visa. It is better to get travel health insurance which covers your travel health issues and other sickness and health problems during your study period.


These few simple steps can help with your course application. This process needs to be done precisely. If you are hiring a third party (agent), make sure they are reliable. You must cross-check each step and collect all the necessary documents while the application process. Do not forget to have health insurance before submitting the visa application.



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