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How to Watch ‘War of the Worlds’ Season 3

The highly acclaimed sci-fi series War of the Worlds returns to television this fall after two successful seasons. It is a reimagining of the eponymous classic, set in the contemporary world of Britain and France based on the eponymous novel.

Howard Overman created and wrote the series best known for his earlier series, Misfits.

The Storyline of War of the World Season 3

There is a story about survivors who team up to survive after an apocalyptic attack by extra-terrestrial beings. A new horror is gripping the world as a new season of the War of the Worlds continues the struggle to survive.

The war between humans and aliens is at a point of crisis that forces two unlikely partners to work together to overcome the looming dangers that lie ahead. To the best of their abilities, the new heroes try to save mankind yet again, utilizing all the resources at their disposal to the best of their abilities.

The Cast of War of the Worlds Season 3

In Season 3, Gabriel Byrne, Natasha Little, Lea Drucker, and Stéphane Caillard reprise their original roles. Daisy Edgar-Jones, who has been a series regular for the past two seasons, might be returning. Also joining the ensemble cast are Ernest Kingsley Junior, Molly Windsor, Madeleine Worral, and Oliver Hembrough.

With the new season of the hit sci-fi series you’ve been waiting for since last year, the hit sci-fi series you’ve been waiting for has returned with a brand new season. In the following article, you will find out how and when you will be able to watch War of the Worlds, season three.

How Many Episodes Does War of the Worlds Season 3 Have?

How to Watch ‘War of the Worlds’ Season 3

During the third season, a weekly batch of two episodes was broadcast as part of the eight-episode season. On September 12, 2022, Epix premiered the season in the United States. The streaming version of “War of the Worlds – Season 3” is available on Disney Plus.

Episode # 3.1

The episode aired on September 12, 2022 

Bill Ward finds himself even further away from his family after saving humanity. As a result, he becomes interested in a new subject: mysterious demonstrations affecting many people worldwide, including MI5 agent Zoe. In the meantime, Catherine investigates this global phenomenon after discovering a new interstellar discovery.

Episode # 3.2

It aired was September 18, 2022

Juliet Arquette and Richard Gallagher watch Catherine’s discovery in space as Adina plans her revenge against humanity. After being shocked by the phenomenon, Catherine decides to investigate it with Johannes’ help. An unexpected encounter sparks Kariem’s investigation into global psychosis.

Episode # 3.3 

It was aired Sep 25, 2022

The discovery Catherine makes with Richard’s help is that she can travel to another world with the help of Richard. A new revelation puts Martha’s loyalty to her family to the test. Bill can escape prison due to Zoe’s efforts.

Episode # 3.4 

A new episode of the show was aired on October 2, 2022

Tom encounters a familiar face during his struggle to come to terms with a betrayal. There are many dangers associated with black holes, and Catherine is looking for a way to overcome them.

Episode # 3.5 

Aired Oct 9, 2022

A deadly confrontation between Catherine and Sam leads to a life-threatening moment for the two children when they find themselves trapped in an alternate reality in which they are searching for help for their parents.

Episode # 3.6 

Aired  Oct 16, 2022

There is a threat to Bill’s latest discovery, and as trouble brews between the human aliens and Catherine, she must decide where she stands regarding her loyalty to Bill in this conflict.

Episode # 3.7

The episode aired on October 23, 2022

Richard and Catherine make a devastating sacrifice as Catherine reaches out to Richard with vital information about the black hole. While watching the battle between humans and aliens rage on, Martha has a sickening realization. Our heroes must take even more significant risks and make more painful sacrifices to save the world.

Episode # 3.8 

Oct 30, 2022, aired

Adina’s scheme could not be stopped without Bill’s risky journey, while his comrades are bracing themselves for a brutal end as they brace themselves for the worst. As a last resort, he must devise one final plan to save the planet from destruction.

Bill has made so many sacrifices for the sake of humanity. In the face of a growing threat to society from space, Richard and Juliet are forced to ask themselves to what extent they are willing to help the heroes on earth.


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