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5 Smart Ways to Incorporate Windows

Modern manufacturing technologies make it possible to come up with new ways to design windows that do more than just let you see outside. You can come up with unique ideas for a window replacement that fit your tastes and way of life. We’ve come up with 5 unique ideas for your window that you can try.

1. Kitchen Window Ideas

Redesigning the kitchen and bathroom are two of the most common home improvement projects that people do these days. Both projects give you a chance to think about how you use your home’s windows and doors.

If you plan to remodel your kitchen, think about how you can add windows to the design. Your space will feel more useful and inviting if it gets natural light and breezes.

Putting a window above the sink is a common way to add windows to a kitchen. This lets you watch your kids play outside while you do the dishes or make dinner.

Another way to add windows to your kitchen is to use awning windows instead of backsplash tiles.

2. Changes to the bathroom windows

Adding a window high on the wall is a great way to make a room more private. Another way to let light in and keep privacy in the bathroom is to use obscure or frosted glass on the windows.

When remodelling a bathroom, you could also put a window in the shower or above the tub. This makes the room bright and relaxing by letting in natural light. Before putting in a new window, think about how it will look inside and outside your home.

3. Windows in the transom and sidelights

Add a transom window above your window or door or a sidelight on one or both sides to make it look better. With transoms and sidelights, homeowners can make their home look unique while letting in more natural light.

Some people like to have a small awning window or another type of operable transom window above their regular window.

4. Putting doors in place of windows

As you think about how you want your dream space to work, you may find that your current windows don’t give you everything you need.

As the desire for indoor-outdoor living spaces grows, many homeowners find that they want easier access to the outdoors from their remodelled spaces. For example, where there used to be two single-hung windows, there could now be a patio door.

5. Types and colours of window finishes

There are many more colours than just white and black for different kinds of windows. Would your natural setting look better with dark green windows?

Or maybe you want to give the outside of your house a new look by putting black aluminium cladding on your wood windows. Some replacement windows even come in different colours on the inside and outside, so you can make them fit your style.

When you’re thinking of ways to improve your home, think about how changing the colour or finish of your windows could change the way the room looks.


There are a lot of different ways to use windows in a project, whether you’re remodelling one room or your whole house. Look at the 5 signs that your windows need to be replaced to help you decide.


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