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Is Free Guy 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

During the pandemic, Free Guy became a huge hit. Right after the first movie came out in 2021, there were talks about making a second one. Steve Asbell, the president of 20th Century Studios, has finally told us what’s going on with Free Guy 2.

Read this post all the way through to find out about Free Guy 2 and when it will come out.

When will Free Guy 2 come out?

Steve Asbell told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview that they want to make a sequel. They are waiting for a good script so they can tell the audience a great story.

Asbell seemed to know what the script was about and was waiting for the final draught.

So, will there be a sequel to Free Guy? Yes, that’s the answer. 20th Century Studios will start making the movie once the script is ready. We’ll let you know when Free Guy 2 comes out as soon as it’s known.


It’s not official that there will be a second movie. From what Steve Asbell said, we can tell that there will be a second movie. Right now, we don’t know who will be in Free Guy 2. We can probably expect to see a lot of the same people from the first movie.

  • Guy: Ryan Reynolds
  • Jodie Comer as Molotov Girl
  • Taika Waititi as Antwan
  • Joe Keery as Keys
  • Utkarsh Ambudkar
  • Howery Lil Rel


It’s too soon to expect a trailer for Free Guy 2. As far as we know, work on making the second movie has not yet begun. The script isn’t ready either. This means that we will have to wait a long time. The second part might come out in 2024 or something.


After the filming is done, a teaser for Free Guy 2 will be made public. Based on what we think, the next part won’t come out until 2024. The people who are making the movie have made it clear that they won’t move forward without a good script.

Plot and storyline

Free Guy 2

Many fans want to know what will happen in Free Guy 2. Since the script isn’t ready yet, there’s no way to know what the story is about. You won’t find any details on the Free Guy Wiki page, either.

Ryan Reynolds is the main character in the action comedy Free Guy. So we know he will still be the main character in the next movie.

What happened in the last movie?

How did Free Guy 1 end? For those who haven’t seen Free Guy 1, here’s a quick summary. In the end, Millie, Guy, and Keys save “Free City.” They were able to figure out the secret code for their game “Life Itself.” “Free Life” grew out of Guy’s game world. Last, Guy told Millie how he felt about her.

Where can you find Free Guy 2?

The second movie is likely to be able to be watched on Disney+ Hotstar. But you can’t see it right away because the movie hasn’t come out yet. In the meantime, you can pass the time by watching the first Free Guy movie.

The renewal status of Free Guy 2

Free Guy 2’s status for renewal has not been renewed. But we know it will happen because there are enough clues. Once the script is ready, the creators are likely to announce a second movie.

The countdown to Free Guy 2

After we know for sure when movie will come out, we’ll start the countdown.

Spoilers and leaks

We don’t have any Free Guy 2 spoilers to share right now.

What’s New with Free Guy 2?

According to the latest news about Free Guy 2, Ryan Reynolds wants to do a sequel, but he is waiting for a good script.

Follow Free Guy on Twitter to find out more about the movie.


There is no free Guy 2 poster. After the movie’s makers confirm that it will be made, the poster is likely to be taken down.

Free Guy 2 Has Won Awards

The Comedy Movie of 2021 won the People’s Choice Awards.

The idea trailer

Since the real trailer hasn’t come out yet, check out this idea for a Free Guy 2 trailer. This video was posted on October 5, 2020, to Ryan Reynolds’ YouTube channel.

Last Words on “Free Guy 2”

Based on what the cast and crew of Free Guy said and did, we know for sure that there will be a second movie. We don’t know when, and that’s the only problem. We’ll let you know when we find out more about the movie.


Will there be a movie called “Free Guy 2?”

It’s very likely that Free Guy 2 will happen. The whole cast and crew seem interested in making a second movie.

Is Free Guy no longer on?

Free Guy isn’t going away. The people making the movie are waiting for a good script so they can start making it.

Is Free Guy the rock?

Rock, also known as Dwayne Johnson, was in Free Guy.

In Free Guy, who is Deadpool?

Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool in a cameo in the movie Free Guy.

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