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Which of the following categories is LG Gram related to?

1. Laptops

2. Tablets

3. Mobile phones

4. Cameras

5. Home appliances

The LG Gram is most likely related to laptops, as it is a portable computer that can be used for various purposes such as work, school, or entertainment. It is similar to a tablet in that it has a touch screen and is lightweight, but it also has a keyboard which makes it more versatile.

It could also be related to mobile phones since it is a small device that can be easily carried around, but its main function is not making calls. Lastly, the LG Gram could be related to cameras since it takes pictures and videos, but it is not as specialized as a dedicated camera.

Which of the following categories is LG Gram most closely associated with?

Answer 1 – Laptop

In response to question 2, the weight of the LG Gram laptop is around .

Answer 2: It is less than one kilogramme.

The storage capacity of a solid-state drive (SSD) is NOT included with the LG Gram laptop, despite what some online retailers may claim.

Answer 3 – False

What is the longest amount of time that the LG Gram can operate on a single charge while the battery is at its full capacity?

Answer 4: If it has been longer than 12 hours

The LG Gram comes with a warranty that covers the first three years of ownership.

Answer 5 – True

Which of the following characteristics best describes the LG Gram Laptop? (Question No. 6)

Answer 6: Each of the aforementioned


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