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National Treasure: Edge of History, Cast & Character Guide

In this (nationwide) treasure trove of actors and characters, the story of National Treasure returns with a brand new mystery, a brand new hidden treasure, and a brand new (national) treasure trove of new actors and characters. As the explorers compete against time, and each other, in National Treasure: Edge of History, they must work together to put together the historical clues, find the missing riches, and learn as much as they can about their families and themselves in the process. With new technology and the study of never-before-seen artifacts, the characters can use Benjamin Gates’ collection of treasures for hints and help solve the epic hunt while running into some National Treasure veterans along the way to help them on their quest.

In a 2020 interview with Collider, the franchise’s producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, first revealed that a series was in the works for the franchise. We’ve been anticipating the show for quite some time now, and with all the information we’ve heard about it, we’re excited about it. 

The plot of National Treasure

At this point, we don’t know much about the plot. According to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, a new, younger cast is on the way for the series. The series isn’t the same as the third film in development, which may feature the same model. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will reimagine the concept of the films through the eyes of a new lead. The United States DACA policy protects undocumented immigrants like Jess Morales, a 20-year-old DREAMer. Her cultural background will probably give her a different perspective on what makes an artifact valuable since cultures have other ideas about what’s valuable.

While getting to the bottom of a Pan-American treasure mystery, Jess and her friends explore identity, community, and patriotism themes. As history is seldom told from the perspective of marginalized communities, the group will also look at who gets to write it. As part of this process, Jess reportedly discovers secrets about her family. It’s rare to see someone with Jess’s special status explore the cultural values of the United States. As far as we know, the movie will have a similar theme and plot structure as the films, just from a different perspective.

Character Guide

In the new National Treasure, find out which former stars return and how they contributed to the story.

Lisette Olivera as Jess Morales

DREAMer Jess embarks on an adventure of a lifetime in an attempt to uncover the truth about her family’s past and save a lost Pan-American treasure that has been lost over the centuries. She describes Jessica as “an ambitious young woman living in Baton Rouge who is at a standstill in her life after her mother passes away,” Olivera tells D23 of her “ambitious” character. Despite all the adversity and fear, she rises to the occasion and has the courage to go on this treasure hunt, despite the hardship and fear she faces from her father having to do with Pan-American treasures.

Will Nicolas Cage Return as Benjamin Gates?

New treasures and new discoveries will inevitably come with some changes; this leg of the National Treasure story will be told from the perspective of a new lead character. Nicolas Cage has not been listed in the National Treasure cast, nor has he been spotted in any behind-the-scenes photos, despite many National Treasure alumni returning to reprise their roles. Benjamin Franklin Gates, considered one of the greatest historians of our time, is still hoping to make at least a cameo appearance in the film.

Billie (Catherine Zeta-Jones)

Zeta-Jones told D23 that she plays a semi-shady antique dealer/black market trader looking for a particular treasure when she is thrown into Jess’ world of treasure hunting. The relationship between them is a bit like a cat-and-mouse game. Who will be the first to find this treasure, and who will be the last to find it? Can you tell me if the prize is real or not? How’s it going? Who’s doing well? Are there any bad people out there? The whole thing is like a romp.” And no one is having more fun than her: “When you are playing the villain, it gives you a chance to push it a bit further.”

Agent Ross (Lyndon Smith)

Despite being top of her class at Quantico, Smith describes her character as “brilliant and brilliant,” telling D23, “She made a career mistake on her first big job and got sent to Baton Rouge.” At the start of this season, she must rebuild her reputation professionally. She swats Jess and Tasha out after they tell her this weird story about a kidnapping and a treasure. In terms of her emotional intelligence, I find her to be fascinating because she can take a step back and say, “I think I was wrong about that.”.

Tasha (Zuri Reed)

“There is no doubt that Tasha is a star in the social media world! It is a fact,” Reed tells D23. She offers her audience a platform where she teaches them how to protect their internet privacy and what tools they can use to keep the government out of their business. Someone always listens to her, according to her. As a result, she is highly anti-government and anti-FBI. She must tap into that to get to where they need to go. As she helps Jess and their other friends during this crazy journey, she reevaluates some of her beliefs.”

Liam (Jake Austin Walker)

A struggling musician trying to blaze a path for himself in the music world, Liam Sadusky is the estranged grandson of former FBI agent Peter Sadusky (Harvey Keitel). “Liam hails from a long line of treasure hunters who have hunted for treasure all their lives. It is no secret to him that the consequences of such a life can be severe,” Walker tells D23. Until Jess convinces him otherwise, he wants nothing to do with it.” he said.

Oren (Antonio Cipriano)

In addition to being a sneakerhead, Oren is a childhood friend of Jess, Ethan, and Tasha, who is very energetic. Cipriano says Oren is the group’s cheerleader. In addition to his rollercoaster romance with Tasha, Oren gets Jess excited after a traumatic experience. According to D23, “Oren starts off in rough waters, but throughout the show, he proves himself and matures.”. Throughout the show, the group goes through a lot together, and they become close friends.”. 

Ethan (Jordan Rodrigues)

According to Rodrigues, his character follows the rules. He keeps an eye on Jess and tries to prevent her from getting into trouble with the law since he is her best friend. Ethan is always dedicated to keeping Jess safe and protected. But are his feelings unrequited? “There has always been an attraction,” he says. “But they’re hesitant to see where things could potentially go.”


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