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Pennyworth Season 3: When is it coming?

Recently, HBO Max brought back a few shows that were about to be canceled. Pennyworth was one of these shows. When fans heard that the EPIX show would be back for Pennyworth Season 3, they were very happy.

For those who don’t know, Bill Finger and Bob Kane made the action-adventure show Pennyworth. It tells the story of young Alfred Pennyworth, who grows up to become Bruce Wayne’s butler.

If you want to find out what’s going on with Pennyworth Season 3, read this article.

When will Season 3 of Pennyworth come out?

The show will have at least one more season, as was said at the DC Fandome virtual event. Now the question is, “When will Season 3 of Pennyworth be out?”

Sources say that Pennyworth Season 3 will come out in October 2022. We don’t know the exact date yet, but we’re sure it will be made public soon.

If everything goes as planned, we should be able to watch the third season in a couple of months. We’ll let you know as soon as the official release date is set.


The same actors will be in Pennyworth’s third season as they were in the first two. Find out more about it below.

Alfred Pennyworth is played by Jack Bannon.
Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne
Emma Paetz plays Martha Kane Paloma Believe in Bet Sykes
Ryan Fletcher plays Wallace MacDougal.
Mary Pennyworth was played by Dorothy Atkinson.
Ramon Tikaram as Victor Aziz
Sandra Onslow, played by Harriet Slater
Simon Manyonda as Lucius Fox
Waseem Mirza as TV reporter


As of right now, there is no trailer for Pennyworth Season 3. But the teaser clip showed us some footage from the next season. You can look forward to the first official trailer coming out in the next few months.

A Preview of Season 3

HBO Max has put out a short teaser for Pennyworth Season 3 to confirm that the show will be back. We don’t know the exact release date right now, but we’re sure it will be announced soon.

You can see the sneak peek here:

Plot and Storyline

Since the show was picked up for a third season, fans have been eager to find out what will happen in Season 3. Some people think that the next season will show more of Alfred, Thomas, Martha, Lucius, and the other Pennyworth characters’ lives.

In the next season, users will probably learn more about the character’s role in making the Batman canon.

The Pennyworth Season 3 wiki guide will have more information.

What happened at the end of the last season of Pennyworth?

Here’s a quick look back at Season 2 of Pennyworth.

In the last episode of season 2, Alfred finds out that the weapon from “Project Stormcloud” is hidden in a church in London. He and Dave run to the church to find the bomb and turn it off. But as soon as they reach the church, they are attacked.

Review and ratings

Pennyworth Season 3 reviews are good, which is why HBO Max decided to keep the show going. The third season of Pennyworth has a score of 7.9/10 on IMDb and 66% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Where can I watch Season 3 of Pennyworth?

When season 3 comes out, you’ll be able to watch it on HBO Max. It might also be available on Apple TV+, Amazon, Google Play, and other streaming services.

The status of Pennyworth’s third season

The status of Pennyworth’s third season was changed by HBO Max.


After the official premiere date is set, the Pennyworth Season 3 countdown will begin.

Episode Guide

The people who make Pennyworth haven’t said anything about the Season 3 episodes. No one knows when Pennyworth Season 3 Episode 1 will start.

Leak and Spoilers

It’s been said that the next season will jump forward in time by five years, which will bring in new characters and new plots.

You will have to wait until more Season 3 spoilers for Pennyworth come out.

Pennyworth news for the third season

The third season of Pennyworth is being filmed in London’s Richmond Park, according to news about the third season.

Follow Pennyworth Season 3 on Twitter to find out what’s going on.


There is no Season 3 Pennyworth poster. But you can expect to find out soon.

Last Thoughts

There will be a third season of Pennyworth, but we don’t yet know when it will come out. The show will be back in October 2022, it has been said.


Will Pennyworth have a third season?

The third season of Pennyworth will come out in October 2022.

Is Pennyworth no longer on TV?

Pennyworth was almost taken off the air, but HBO Max saved it at the last minute.

When does Pennyworth take place?

The story of Pennyworth takes place in London in the 1960s.

Who is the sister of Bruce Wayne?

Martha Wane is Bruce Wayne’s sister.


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