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RHONJ Season 13 : Release Date, Cast ,Reviews & Storyline

At this point, everyone knows about The Real Housewives of New Jersey, also known as RHONJ. On May 17, 2022, the show’s 12th season came to an end.

Season 12 is almost over, so fans are eager to know when RHONJ Season 13 release date will come out. In the post below, we have put together everything we know about the show. So, if you like the show, you should read this blog.

When will Season 13 of RHONJ be out?

Over the years, Bravo’s hit reality show RHONJ has won the hearts of its viewers. There are a lot of loyal fans of the show who look forward to each new season.

So, when is Season 13 of RHONJ coming out? As of now, the show is not going to continue. Also, Bravo doesn’t usually say if a show will be renewed until just before a new season comes out.

Frank Catania said on the episode of The Morning Toast that Jackie Goldschneider will become a friend of the housewives next season. This makes us think that RHONJ will have a thirteenth season. We just don’t know when.

The next season of RHONJ will probably come out in 2023. Once the release date for RHONJ Season 13 is known, we will let you know.

Cast of RHONJ Season 13

There are a lot of rumours on the internet about who will be on RHONJ Season 13 cast. One of the rumours says that all of the season 12 housewives have been asked to come back for the next season.

In season 12, the full-time housewives were Dolores, Melissa, Teresa, Jackie, Margaret, and Jennifer. Traci Lynn Johnson was the housewives’ friend.

Reports also say that Cocktails and Bravo are looking for new women to join the shows.

Right now, we don’t know who will be on RHONJ Season 13. What happens will have to be seen.

Trailer for Season 13 of RHONJ

The trailer for RHONJ Season 13 has not come out yet. Shortly before the start of the next season, new footage from the show will be shown.

Teaser for Season 13 of RHONJ

We don’t have a teaser for RHONJ Season 13 yet. You can expect it to come out a month before the show’s official start date.

The plot and expected storyline for Season 13 of RHONJ

We don’t know anything new about the plot of RHONJ season 13 at the moment. Based on how season 12 ended, Jen and Dolores are likely to get into a lot of trouble. Joe Gorga’s relationship with Teresa will also be interesting to watch.

In the RHONJ season 13 wiki guide, more information will be added.

What happened at the end of the last season?

How did season 12 of RHONJ end? Here’s a quick summary of what happened in season 12 of RHONJ.

At the end of Season 12, Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice were getting more and more upset with each other. The other sister-in-law of Melissa’s brother was chosen to be the maid of honour instead of Melissa. In the meantime, Teresa hurt Joe Gorga, who was her brother.

See the trailer to get a better idea:

Review and ratings for Season 13 of RHONJ

The review of RHONJ Season 13 is great. Everyone loves this reality TV show. The 13th season of RHONJ has an IMDb rating of 4.1/10.

Where can I watch Season 13 of RHONJ?

Where can I watch Season 13 of RHONJ? The next season will be shown on Bravo, and after a while, Peacock will let you stream it.

The fate of RHONJ’s 13th season

We don’t know yet if RHONJ Season 13 will be renewed. But it won’t be long before they say something about the thirteenth season.

Countdown to Season 13 of RHONJ

The countdown to RHONJ Season 13 will begin as soon as the release date is set. So keep up to date with the latest news.

RHONJ Season 13 Episode Guide

RHONJ Season 13 is likely to have 18 episodes. Once the date for the first episode of RHONJ Season 13 is set, we will confirm this news.

Spoilers and leaks for Season 13 of RHONJ

From what we know, Season 13 of RHONJ could have both new and old cast members. Some rumours say that some of the actors from the last season will be back for the next one. There will also be a few new ladies.

Stay tuned to this page for more RHONJ Season 13 spoilers.

What’s New for Season 13 of RHONJ?

The latest news about RHONJ Season 13 says that Jackie Goldsheneider will be demoted to a housewives’ friend in the next season. Frank Catania, who was in the show, said that this was true.

Follow the RHONJ Season 13 Twitter page to find out all the latest news about the show.

Poster for Season 13 of RHONJ

We don’t have a Season 13 poster for RHONJ yet.

Trailer for Season 13 of RHONJ

Since there isn’t an official trailer yet, check out this fan-made idea for a RHONJ season 13 trailer.


Last Words on Season 13 of RHONJ

Even though the show hasn’t been officially renewed for a 13th season, we know that it will happen. Bravo just needs to tell us when the show will come out.

FAQs for Season 13 of RHONJ

Is Real Housewives of New Jersey going to return?

The next season of RHONJ is likely to come out in 2023, based on all the talk that is going on right now.

What does Luis Ruelas do?

Louis Ruelas works in the business of advertising.

The Twins and Amber left RHONJ because…

Amber’s husband, Jim Marchese, said that their mother, Santa, was seeing Teresa’s husband. This is why the twins quit the show.

Did Teresa and Louie get married?

Teresa and Louis did tie the knot.


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