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SAT Exam Syllabus 2022

SAT Exam Syllabus 2022: Syllabus, pattern & eligibility

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) Exam is a widely recognized test, which is used by many US universities for their admissions process. The SAT evaluates an applicant based on their skills in mathematics, evidence-based reading, and writing. One must have a clear understanding of the SAT exam pattern and the SAT exam syllabus before preparing for the test.

Millions of students appear in the SAT Exam every year to get admission into US universities. The competition is very high, therefore, aspirants should be thoroughly familiar with the SAT test syllabus, SAT question paper formats, and SAT exam subjects. The exam consists of three sections in total – Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. Previously, there existed an optional essay writing section which was excluded by the College Board in June 2021.

When to take the SAT Exam?

You are eligible to take the SAT exam after completing your class 12th. If you are applying for an undergraduate course at a foreign university, the SAT exam is compulsory. SAT exam scores are majorly accepted in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.

Type of SAT exams

There are two forms of the exam, the SAT General Exam, and the SAT Subject Exam. The first one is standard for those looking forward to get  admission at US universities. 

  1. The SAT General Test 

It evaluates applicants’ general aptitude for college as well as their capability for resolving simple language and math issues. Most undergraduate universities use the SAT exam syllabus to evaluate applicants’ written, verbal, and mathematical abilities. The Broad Test syllabus for the SAT evaluates a candidate on the basis of both critical reasoning and general knowledge.

  1. The SAT Subject Test (Discontinued now)

It aims to evaluate students’ abilities in particular subjects that they select as their area of focus. The SAT subject exam curriculum evaluates test takers’ knowledge of specific topics in the science, math, and language streams. SAT subject examinations are used by colleges to determine entrance and course placement. The test lasts for an hour, and pupils receive scores between 200 and 800. If a student receives a high score on the SAT Subject Test, colleges may also waive some requirements, such as a first-year composition class or a foreign language.

What is the SAT exam syllabus? 

The SAT exam is a 3-hour long test. The SAT exam syllabus has a total of 3 sections. The subjects in SAT include reading comprehension, writing, and maths. Let us explain the Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Essay (discontinued) section of the SAT exam syllabus and what they aim to assess:

SAT Reading

Each passage in this part consists of reading comprehension questions, comprising 10–11 questions. This portion, which consists of a total of five passages of diverse lengths, intends to assess your comprehension of written text as well as your understanding of word meanings in various contexts and their connected terms with implied meanings.

SAT Writing

You must look for errors, rephrase, and recreate highlighted sentences with alternative text in the four passages that each have 10–11 questions. It focuses on evaluating the candidate’s vocabulary and grammar knowledge.

SAT Mathematics

It consists of two subsections with a 25-minute section with no calculator provided, and a 55-minute section with a calculator permitted. The 58 questions cover a variety of mathematical fundamentals, including algebra, statistics, geometry, arithmetic, probability, data interpretation, and problem-solving.

SAT Essay (Discontinued)

This section includes an essay question (650–700 words) that focuses on a subject and asks the candidate to take a position on one side of the matter in order to evaluate writing ability and English comprehension. Make sure your analysis is restricted to the provided data with clear justification and avoid elaborating on personal ideas.

SAT Exam Pattern 2022

The total duration of the examination is 3 hours. The range of the test score is between 400 and 1600 points. The exam syllabus is bifurcated into 3 sections as discussed above; these include Reading, Writing and Language, and Mathematics. Below given table highlights Time, question and score distribution.

Sections in

SAT Syllabus

Time Allotted Tasks/Questions Score Range
Reading 65 52 200-800
Writing 35 44 (Calculated with Reading section)
Mathematics                    With Calculator- 55

No Calculator- 25

38 (With 8 Grid-in)

20 (With 5 Grid-in)

Total 180 154 400- 1600

How to prepare for the SAT Exam?

Mentioned below are some of the tips to get ready for the SAT Exam:

  • Get thoroughly Familiar with the SAT Exam Pattern.
  • Learn Basic Mental Maths.
  • Read all the Recent Nonfictions.
  • Attempt Mixed  Mock Tests Regularly.
  • Revise Quickly During Your Breaks.
  • Work on your Weak Points.
  • Don Not Mug!.
  • Revise your Grammar.
  • Set a Definite Score Goal.

SAT Eligibility Criteria: Important Points

There is no minimum or maximum age limit for the candidates. Anyone who is willing can attempt the exam. However, the guidelines for registration are different for different age groups –

  • Applicants for the SAT who are 12 years of age or less must be aware that they can only register via mail.
  • Candidates can sign up for a free College Board account for SAT registrations if they are 13 years old or older.
  • Candidates who are 21 years of age or older must bring an official government-issued photo ID to the exam centre, such as an Aadhar Card (for Indian students), a passport, or a driver’s licence.
  • In international nations including the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK, SAT scores are commonly accepted.
  • Candidates are allowed to take the SAT as many times as they like.
  • Testing on Sunday is not offered in India.

The candidates will not be permitted to take the test:

  • If the initial name or last name on the entry ticket does not match the information on the official photo ID.
  • The photo doesn’t match the photo requirements.
  • Registration changes are submitted after the deadline.
  • Test cancellation before test day.

SAT Eligibility Criteria for Students with Disability

To give study abroad opportunities to the students with impairments, the College Board has established specific requirements. The SAT administration ensures that every student can take the test with the help of the extra resources they offer. Students with impairments should get in touch with the College Board to let them know about their condition before registering. The amenities could be provided appropriately by the authorities. The prospective applicant may take the SAT General Exam Mock Test and SAT Subject Tests if the materials are approved. Requests for additional convenience during the exam will not be considered.


In order to learn about the SAT syllabus better, a student can also look into the detailed SAT exam pattern and sub subjects for better preparation guidance by visiting the official College Board website for more information.


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