Shandra Page Edwards: Why was she paid tribute to in Grey’s Anatomy?

Shandra Page Edwards

In the season 14 finale, Grey’s Anatomy paid tribute to two actresses who had been on the show. But other than that, we saw that they gave it to two other women who have worked on the show. This was for Suzanne Patmore Gibbs and Shandra Page Edwards. The episode was written to be “in loving memory” of the two of them. Even though they haven’t been on the show, the two women were very important to Grey’s Anatomy.

The TV boss was Suzanne Patmore Gibbs. She died at the age of 50 because she had problems during hernia surgery. Shonda Rhimes, who made the show, says that Suzanne has made a big difference.

Shonda was sad about the death of her friend and said, “She was my first supporter at ABC Studios. She was the first executive to say, ‘Maybe Shonda could write a TV show.'” Then she fought like hell to get us the chance to make the pilot for Grey’s Anatomy,”. She wrote on Twitter that there are no words to describe how sad she was. Suzanne was an important part of Grey’s Anatomy, but she has also worked on shows like Desperate Housewives, Lost, The Blacklist, Masters of Sex, and Outlander.

Krista Vernoff said about her death, “She was a fierce fighter for everything right and good in the world. She stood up for women’s rights long before it was cool to do so. Even though male network presidents often get credit for her work, Suzanne was the main person who came up with the idea for Grey’s Anatomy.

Shandra Page Edwards, on the other hand, worked as a stylist for the show. She worked in the department in charge of hair and make-up. Ellen Pompeo wrote “Shea” in the caption of an Instagram post she made for her. No matter where your soul is now… Your light was so bright that everyone you touched will always feel its warmth. “When we think of you, we will always think of light and love, and we will always smile as big as the ocean. We all appreciate that you have always been our Sun. We promise to always be thankful for you and never forget you. Angel, rest in peace,”.

She has also worked on The Beguiled, 20th Century Women, and The Bling Ring, among other shows. The deaths of the two women were a big loss for the team, so in the season 14 finale, they paid tribute to both of them.

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