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OnlyFans service temporarily suspended payments to creators from Russia

The company said that it would not help Russian accounts work.

The Verge reports that OnlyFans, a service that lets people subscribe to adult content, has said it will “temporarily suspend” support for Russian accounts and payments to creators from Russia.

Even though Russia was being punished with economic sanctions, the platform used to let creators from Russia keep their accounts and get paid. In February, Rolling Stone said that Russian OnlyFans creators had lost access to their accounts for a short time without being told. Soon after, OnlyFans said that access had been restored and that “the accounts will work perfectly as long as we have ways to pay for them.”

OnlyFans is known for attracting a large number of people who make adult content and their fans. Models like Corinna Kopf who are very skilled and work hard can make up to $1 million a month because of their skills and hard work. She still makes a lot of money even after Corinna Kopf OnlyFans leaks.

But the platform has now said that accounts from Russia will no longer be able to receive payments. The service said in a statement that it has “looked into several ways to continue serving creators who have been hurt by the Russia-Ukraine war,” but that “further tightening restrictions on payments to and from Russia” mean it can’t serve Russian accounts.

The article says that it’s not clear how the company was able to keep Russian accounts going before or what will happen now.


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