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“The Billion Brick Race”, a Project by Warner Bros

Warner bros. and LEGO movie announced the project The Billion Brick Race. Warner Bros. is an American entertainment company and a part of Warner media. This was founded by Four Brothers back in 1932 by Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack Warner as Warner Bros. This company is very famous for its variety of different good work in the industry including production, distribution, and owning many media television shows, video games, animations, films, and movies.

Warner Bros. Has produced many famous movies including “Casablanca”, “Inception”, ” The Wizard of Oz”, and ” The Dark Knight”. Many shows like ” The big bang theory”, ” The west wing”, “Friends” and many others. Animations like ” Looney Tunes”, “Scooby Doo”, your favorite “Tom and Jerry” and “Batman”.

While talking about the LEGO movie Franchise was also created by Warner Animation Group. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller directed it. The franchise started in 2014 with the release of “The LEGO Movie”. It was a great success and grossed $470 million worldwide. Then moving forward they released “The LEGO Batman movie in 2017”, and in the same year they introduced “The LEGO Ninjago Movie” after that in 2019 they released the second sequel by the name ” The LEGO Movie 2: The second part”.

The LEGO movie franchise also includes Spin films like ” The LEGO Batman Movie 2″ and ” The LEGO movie 4D: A New Adventure”.Then the franchise 2021 announced another installment “The Billion Brick Race”. Jorge J. Gutierrez directed this movie.
Director of Movie
Formerly Jason Segel and Drew Pearce was the director. But later Jorge. R Gutierrez replaced it.

Producer of Movie

Roy Lee, Chris Miller, Phil Lord and Dan Lin were the producers.

Writer of Movie

Drew Pearce and Jason Segel wrote this movie.

Story By

By Christopher Miller and Phil Lord.

Characters of the Movie

General Sweet Mayhem, Mom, Unikitty, Batman, Finn, Queen, Rex Watervra, Bianca, MetalBeard, Dangervest, Lucy/Wyldstyle and Emmet Brickowaski were the characters of the movie.

The reason behind The Billion Brick Race cancellation

As you know LEGO movies by Warner Bros. have gained a lot of fame. But in 2017, after the release of The LEGO Batman Movie and other The LEGO Ninjago movies, they received many disappointing results. So they understood some mistakes and the studio could be thinking about a saturation strategy.

In the meantime, Warner bros. was working on The Billion Brick Race. This is a computer-animated movie. And was announced that it was going to be released in 2019 on 24 May. Warner Bros, along with Drew Pearce and Jason Segel wants to write and co-direct this spinoff. This was going to be the third spinoff in the LEGO movies. But firstly Warner bros replaced the director. They handed it to Jorge R. Gutierrez from Drew Pearce. And he also left the project for some other opportunities.

And after the failure of both The LEGO Ninjago and The LEGO Movie 2. So Warner Bros. ended their deal with LEGO company and they permanently canceled The Billion Brick Race. And they ended the deal in 2019 in the month of December. On 24 May, other than these three movies were released named Booksmart, Aladdin, and Brightburn.

A post from Jorge R. Gutierrez. On Facebook reveals that he is off the project, the words he said were the following:
“I would like to publicly and from the bottom of my heart thank everyone I worked with at Briksburg, LEGO, and WAG. These last 9 months were a rollercoaster of thrills, to say the least. I met so many amazing new people and learned a ton from all these incredible artists, directors, writers, editors, producers, and execs. I leave a better filmmaker and it’s because of you all. May our paths cross again. Gracias mis amigos. And as I toasted on my first day there, ‘May we slip n slide on the blood of our enemies.”
So this was a message that indicated he is leaving the project. And now the billion brick race is not releasing, it is permanently canceled.

As it was canceled before release so audiences did not know much about this project. That project did not face the daylight of cinema. Maybe it was just not meant to be for the audience.


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