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The Invitation (2022) Release Date, Cast, Storyline & Trailer

Scary movies about Dracula are always fun to watch. Also, the movie The Invitation has a release date, which we will talk about in this post.

The Invitation 2022 is an American horror film that is based on Dracula. Nathalie Emmanuel, Sean Pertwee, and Thomas Doherty all appear in it.

Jessica M. Thompson was in charge of making the movie, and she and Blair Butler wrote the story together. Emile Gladstone is in charge of making the movie, but Jessica M. Thompson and Michael P. Flannigan are in charge of running it.

When the invitations are sent out.
The movie used to be called “The Bride.” The title was changed later to make it sound better.

Don’t mix up The Invitation (2022) with The Invitation, a scary movie by Karyn Kusama (2015). Both movies are different, and their plots are also different.

Sony just announced when The Invitation will come out. The movie will be shown in theatres on August 26, 2022.


The Invitation (2022)

In about two months, the movie will be in theatres. Before you do that, you should find out who is going to be in the movie. Here are the names and roles of the people in The Invitation.

  • Nathalie Emmanuel plays Evie.
  • Oliver played by Hugh Skinner
  • Walter, played by Thomas Doherty
  • Sean Pertwee is a British actor.
  • Alana Boden as Lucy
  • Stephanie Corneliussen as Viktoria
  • Elizabeth Counsells
  • Kata Sarbo as the nail salon owner Scott Uncle Alexander Young Julius
  • Grace, played by Courtney Taylor
  • Virag Barany as Emmaline
  • Jonathan Harker is played by Jeremey Wheeler.
  • Christine Grace Szarko as a Happy Girl
  • Mrs. Swift was played by Carol Ann Crawford
  • Stephen Saracco as an Older Man in a New York Gallery

Trailer for “The Invitation”

The official trailer for the movie just came out on June 27. You can watch the trailer for The Invitation here:

Teaser for the Invitation

The Invitation’s teaser has not been made public yet. Since the movie trailer is already out, we don’t think the people who made it will make any more teasers.

The plot and expected storyline of the invitation

Let’s talk about the plot of The Invitation. The movie’s creators put out an official summary of what the movie is about.

The synopsis says that The Invitation is about a young woman who is taken in by a Gothic coven. In the trailer, Evie is seen with a group of vampires.

Evie is all alone. She finds out through a DNA test that she has a long-lost cousin she didn’t know about before.

She agrees to go to the wedding of her new family, where a hot host greets her. But things change quickly, and Evie finds herself in a nightmare about how to stay alive. She finds out some scary things about her family’s past, but she is ready to fight for her life.

The wiki page for The Invitation has more information about the movie.

Where can you see The Invitation?

The Invitation where to watch is a question that fans often ask. Sony Pictures says that the movie will first be shown in theatres. It’s not clear yet if the movie will be available to stream.

There is a chance that the movie will be on Netflix about a month or so after it comes out.


Fans of scary movies should mark their calendars because the countdown to The Invitation has begun. The movie will come out on August 26, 2022, which is only two months from now.

Details and leaks about The Invitation

We’re sorry to let you down, but we don’t have any spoilers for The Invitation. The people making the movie are being very careful about the plot and other details.

What’s New with the Invitation

Sony Pictures just started advertising the movie, even though the trailer hasn’t come out yet. People think that the next movie will be great.

Follow The Invitation on Twitter to find out about the latest news about the show. On their official Twitter account, they post all news about the movie.

The Poster for the Party

The promotional release’s invitation poster is out. It looks just as exciting as the preview. Click here to see the poster:


Last Words

On August 26, 2022, The Invitation (2022) will be in theatres. Fans of horror movies and Dracula will love this British film. Check the page often for more news.

The Frequently Asked Questions

What does the movie Invitation 2022 show?

The Horror Movie The Invitation 2022 is based on the story of Dracula.

Does Netflix have the invite?

Netflix does not have The Invitation, which comes out in 2022. The movie will come out in theatres on August 26, 2022.

Does Netflix have The Invitation in 2022?

As of right now, there is no news about whether or not the movie will be on Netflix.

Is The Invitation scary?

The Invitation (2022) is a horror movie, which means it’s meant to be scary.

Is it worth it to watch The Invitation?

The idea for The Invitation came from Dracula. We will have to see how well it does in the theatres.

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