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Unauthorized Living Season 3 : Everthing you need to know

Unauthorized Living is a Spanish drama TV show that stars José Coronado, Claudia Traisac, and lex González. It was made by Aitor Gabilondo. The story is about a man named Nemo Bandeira, who used to be a businessman but is now a hard-core drug addict. Nemo’s Alzheimer’s disease is being treated around the time of his 16th birthday.

He decides to keep the truth a secret and starts to think about who will be his legal heir in the future. About 75 minutes are spent on each episode of the show.

The first season of the show aired on Telecinco on September 24, 2018, and the second season started on January 13, 2020, and ended on March 16, 2020. There are a total of 23 episodes in the second season, but the episodes from the first season aren’t available everywhere. Many people liked the show, and it was nominated for several awards.

The main character, José Coronado, even won the Best Drama Actor Award for season 1 at the 6th MiM Series Awards. IMDb gives the show an 8 out of 10 score.
After watching the first two great seasons of the Spanish show, fans are hoping and asking for a third season, so we’re here to give you all the latest information about Unauthorized Living Season 3. Read the whole article to find out what’s going on.

Release Date

So far, the show’s producers and creators haven’t said anything about whether or not they’ll make another season. But we want to be honest with our viewers and tell them that, as was said, the second season will be the last.

“Except for a miracle, the series will end in the second round,” the showrunner of the Spanish show said. Aside from all of these things, the last episode of the second season ended on a happy note by tying together every part of the story so there was no need for any more episodes.

In an interview, the show’s director also said that the story on which the show is based came to an end in season 2. So, we don’t think they’ll renew the show for another season, but we can still hold out hope in case the producers change their minds and agree to keep the story going with different parts since the book is over.


If the third season is supposed to happen, we can expect almost all of the following characters to be back.

  • José Coronado in the role Nemo Bandeira
  • Claudia Traisac in the role Lara Balarés / Lara Bandeira:
  • Álex González in the role Mario Mendoza
  • Luis Zahera in the role Ferro
  • Àlex Monner in the role Carlos Bandeira
  • Giulia Charm in the role Nina Bandeira
  • Unax Ugalde in the role Malcom Souza
  • Leonor Watling in the role Berta Moliner: Chon’s sister
  • Héctor Arteaga in the role Empleado Opensea
  • Ledicia Sola in the role Elisa: Mario’s wife
  • Édgar Vittorino in the role Freddy
  • Patrick Criado in the role Daniel Arteaga
  • Xabier Deive in the role Adolfo Monterroso
  • Daniel Currás in the role Tigre
  • Ricardo Gómez in the role Alejandro
  • Paula Morado in the role Inspectora Alen
  • Mercedes Castro in the role Carmiña
  • Andrew Joseph Perez in the role Young Nemo
  • Javier Abad in the role Nemo joven
  • Pol Monen in the role Lara’s boyfriend
  • Julius Cotter in the role Mr. Anderson

We might see some new characters join the cast in the third season. If that happens, we’ll have to wait until the creators say something about it.

Unauthorized Living Season 3

Plot & Expected Storyline

Before we talk about what might happen in the third season, let’s quickly go over what happened in the second season. The series is based on the novel by Manuel Rivas. The main character, Nemo, played by José Coronado, has Alzheimer’s disease but doesn’t tell anyone. Instead, he starts to think about who will be his legal heir in the future.

In the first season of the show, it was mostly about Bandeira because he tried to hide his illness from his family and used different excuses every day to get out of his problems.

In the second season, Bandeira’s cousins show up and cause him trouble by trying to take everything he owns, including his property and business. He worked hard and went through a lot of trouble and violence to keep his beloved business from falling into the wrong hands.

Trailer of Unauthorized Living Season 3

We know that the show’s creators don’t even plan to make a third season, so it’s hard to say when we’ll get to see the trailer for the third season.

Conclusion of Unauthorized Living Season 3

The show did so well that audiences and fans are waiting for just one confirmation from the Unauthorized Living team. However, as of now, the director has already made his final decision not to continue the show. Manuel Villanueva said in an interview, “The truth is, no. This story is finished and very finished. It is the story of a long-running saga with a very loud ending. And from the start, people thought that was where it would end.

If you looked at some of the characters, you could see it. You can’t tell me I won’t drink this water. But it doesn’t fit into our plans.” So, after that, all we can do is hope for good news soon.

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