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Water Pig Mat Systems At Different Stages

Single-mat entry systems don’t work when the soles of shoes or wheeled carts get too dirty and wet during the winter months. In the average business, 50 pounds of dirt and dust build-up on the bottoms of shoes every year. Every week, 150 people walk on a square yard of carpet, putting one pound of dirt on it.

How Do I Choose the Best Indoor/Outdoor Rug?

To get rid of stuck-on dirt, ice packs, and grease from the parking lot, the doorway needs a very rough carpet. On the other hand, fine dust, trace water, and fine-grained salts or sand need a surface that is softer, finer, and denser. Single mat systems work well for both getting rid of dirt and soaking up water. Large fan systems that are regularly replaced are needed for good use. When entry mats get too full and start to leak water onto nearby surfaces, the floor loses its grip.

Multi-surface mat systems are efficient and useful because the risk of tripping and falling is more important than the cost of cleaning and how it looks. When compared to the risk of slipping and falling, cleaning fees aren’t as big of a deal. A single piece of carpeting covers the whole room. So that the carpet doesn’t move, glue is used to stick the corners of the carpet to the floor. At Ultimate Mats, we have a wide range of carpets for you to choose from.

Zone 1: Super Scraper Designs

  • Nitrile rubber is very strong and will never break, bend, change color, or roll.
  • With an abrasive grass brush or a nitrile Flexi tip, outdoor scraper mats remove large pieces of dirt, mud, ice, and snow from the entranceway.
  • UV protection, anti-static properties, and nfsi-certified slip resistance make this outdoor stage mat safe and very long-lasting. The edge on the outside collects water and lets it flow away.

Zone 2: Entry Mats with Scrapers and Wipers

  • Entrances are protected from puddles by 100% nitrile rubber with deep water channels for containment and better traction.
  • Ideal for wiping and scraping away dirt, grime, and debris in transition zones between indoors and outdoors
  • Rain, snow, humidity, freeze/thaw cycles, and the sun do not cause the rubber backing to curl, crack, or break down.

Zone 3: Floor mats with wipers

  • When used with a complete mat system, soft, thick fabric entry mats can absorb up to 85 to 95 percent of the final dirt and grime. This is because they are made of continuous mono-filament polyester, which is one of the cleanest and most absorbent materials ever made.
  • Waterhog Classic entrance mats feel softer and catch small amounts of dirt and water while protecting your floors. They catch any fine-grain particles, dirt, or moisture and are the last line of defense against water and dirt getting on unprotected, slippery surfaces. They work well at service desks and other places like that.

Zone 4: Customized color and brand

Unique logo mats give you more color tones and contrast to use for branding in front of workstations and elevators. Colors, logos, and pictures that have something to do with the business add style and make a great first impression. Customized logos or picture mats with trendy fabric, standard rubber, or vinyl trim can be shipped for free. For the best grip on hard floors or carpets, you can choose between cleated and smooth backs.


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