What is Harry Potter’s owl Name, Details

harry porter owl

Harry Potter’s owl name is Hedwig. She is a Snowy Owl and was given to Harry by Professor Dumbledore when Harry started his first year at Hogwarts. Hedwig is a very loyal and protective owl, always there for Harry when he needs her.

Question What is Harry Potter’s owl name?

What is the name of the owl that Harry Potter keeps as a pet?

Hedwig is the correct choice, as the response.

Which animal best represents Scotland as its “National Animal”?

The correct answer is a (C) unicorn.

What is the name of the owl that Harry Potter keeps in his room?

The correct answer is a (A) Hedwig

What kind of sports have been competed in on the moon, if any?

The correct answer is a (A) Golf

Where exactly did the first solid chocolate bar have its start?

The United Kingdom, to be specific.


Can you tell me what colour the black box of an aeroplane is?


The correct answer is a (C) Orange

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