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Where is the end of the Earth? Let’s find out

We all know for sure that Earth has a round shape. Where does the world end? Obviously, a sphere doesn’t start or end anywhere. But is it the same with Earth, the sphere we live on? It is known that the earth’s atmosphere ends and space begins, but what about its surface or land?

Some theories say that the earth will end at some point, but what’s the truth? Some places on earth are thought to be the end of the world. Read on to learn more about the places.

Beachy Head
A picture from Sussex, England, spread like wildfire on social media last year. The picture looked like a cliff with clouds all around and on top of it. It said “A place where Earth Ends!!! Sussex, England” in the caption. It looked like a picture of a place in England called Beachy Head, which is in the county of Sussex. It’s a beach with a cliff next to it, as the name suggests. It looks like nothing but a blanket of clouds is up ahead. So, it makes it seem like the end of the earth.

Since then, it’s become a popular place for tourists to visit. The Beachy Head cliff is 162 metres (531 feet) high, making it the tallest chalk sea cliff in Britain.

In the same way, “Edge of the World” is the name of a place in Saudi Arabia. It looks like Beachy Head, but it is in the middle of the Saudi Arabian desert.

Chile, Cape Horn

Chile is known as the end of the world because it is the southernmost point of South America. The wild seas are all around it. Here, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean meet. Cape Horn is also known as the “sailor’s grave” because so many sailors died there.

Cap Horn
Also, there is a memorial called the Albatross Monument at Cape Horn that is for all of the sailors who died there. Also, there is a stone with a poem written on it by Sara Vial, a Chilean poet, in 1992. This poem was the main reason why Cape Horn was called “the end of the world.” The poem’s English version goes like this:

“I am the albatross… that waits for you at the end of the world.

I am the soul of the dead sailors who have been forgotten.

Who went around Cape Horn, from all the seas of the world…”

Yamal Peninsula of Siberia

The Yamal Peninsula is in the north-west of Russia’s Siberia. In the language of the Nenets, who live in Northern Russia, the word “Yamal” means “End of the Land.” People also died there in strange ways, which got people’s attention. But research showed that the number of deaths went up because methane was leaking out of the ground naturally.

Yamal peninsul

On the other hand, the name “end of the earth” was used to describe the Yamal Peninsula again after the Giant Hole happened in Northern Russia in 2014. It was 250 feet wide. Scientists, on the other hand, thought that the hole was caused by an explosion caused by a mixture of water, salt, and natural gas.

No matter what scientific explanations there are for these things, they are still strange and scary. So now it’s up to you to believe or not believe that the earth will end.


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