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Who killed Samira Frasch And Her Net Worth?

People don’t know much about Samira Frasch’s life before she met and married Adam Frasch, a wealthy specialist who lived in a huge mansion in Tallahassee, Florida. She was a beautiful model in Paris, France, and she and Frasch had a tornado romance before they got married and moved to Tallahassee. No matter what, her marriage went bad when she found proof of her partner cheating on her and confronted him. Adam Frasch supposedly beat her and killed her by pushing her body into their pool, where she drowned. She left two young girls behind.

People have been interested in this murder case ever since the news about it came out on that fateful day, February 22, 2014. Adam Frasch, a wealthy specialist, was married to Samira Frasch, whose body was found at the bottom of the pool at their luxurious Golden Eagle home in Tallahassee, Florida. This was thought to be a murder. Adam Frasch, her boyfriend, was caught and blamed for the death of his beautiful girlfriend, even though he denied the charges.

People are once again interested in the supposed murder of Samira Frasch after NBC’s “Dateline” aired a two-hour special called “At the Bottom of the Pool” on Friday, October 13, 2017, at 9:00 p.m.

The autopsy report showed that Samira Frasch had died of suffocation and a hard blow to the head. Adam Frasch, her husband, was found guilty of first-degree murder by a six-person jury on January 26, 2017, after a long and painful trial.

The murder of Samira Frasch sparked interest all over the country, and both the media and the general public followed the case. Here are a few of Samira Frasch’s wiki’s subtleties.

A Fairy-Tale Romance

Samira Frasch was born in Madagascar on December 12, 1975, to Razafisoa Zafy and Madiolaza Mbotizafy. Before she moved to the United States, she lived in France.

Samira Frasch was a supermodel who quit her job and loved music and singing, as well as travelling all over the world. As a model, she liked to look good and have a plan, and she could speak five different languages.

Adam Frasch met the supermodel during Fashion Week in Paris, France, in the middle of 2006. He was crazy about her, and the two of them wandered all over Paris, happy and excited to be with each other.

Frasch, however, was still married to his second wife, Tracey Ellinor. This was a big problem. Adam Frasch and Samira kept up a long-distance relationship this way while he fought with Ellinor to get a divorce.

Marriage Turns Sour

Adam and Samira Frasch got married in 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. But things haven’t been going well since then. Samira Frasch moved to Tallahassee in the spring of 2010 after she was done with her plans for living abroad.

Still, Adam Frasch kept cheating on his wife with different women, some of whom became his girlfriends. This hurt their marriage. His girlfriend found out about it, and the two of them often fought.

When Frasch didn’t stop putting down his wife, even though she asked him to, she decided to file for legal separation. At this point, they had just started a family, but he just wouldn’t stop having affairs.

Who put Samira Frasch to death?

The examiners said that Samira Frasch and Adam Frasch had a big fight over his latest betrayal, which became clear thanks to a sex tape that showed her boyfriend with one of his lovers. Frasch is said to have hit his girlfriend in the head with a hard object and then pushed her unconscious body into the pool. He then hid the scene of the crime and made it look like she drowned in the pool because she had too much to drink the night before and didn’t know how to swim.

Adam Frasch argued that he was telling the truth and said that his girlfriend had been drinking a lot the night before. He even said that the groundskeeper who found Samira’s body on February 22 could have been honest.

Even though there were some parts of the case where things weren’t clear-cut, it only took the jury an hour and a half to decide his fate three years ago, in 2014. They decided that Adam Frasch had beaten his girlfriend badly and killed her by pushing her body into their pool while she was still awake.

Net Worth

Adam Frasch also used to give money to the women he was friends with. This successful and wealthy podiatrist didn’t have to worry about money. He lived in a $1 million house with a few luxury cars and enjoyed the company of many women.


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