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Who was the comedian that OnePlus chose to collaborate with for the unboxing of the OnePlus TV Y series?

OnePlus has collaborated with a number of celebrities and comedians in the past, but for the unboxing of the OnePlus TV Y series, they chose to work with none other than Indian stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma.

Kapil is no stranger to unboxing videos, as he has done a few for his own YouTube channel in the past. However, this is the first time he has done an unboxing video for a product launch.

The comedian was given a tour of the OnePlus TV Y series by CEO Pete Lau and Head of Marketing Justin Sun. He was also given a demo of the various features of the TV.

At the end of the video, Kapil Sharma gives his verdict on the OnePlus TV Y series. He says that the TV is “amazing” and that it is a “must-buy” for anyone who is looking for a new TV.

Which comedian did OnePlus collaborate with to host an unboxing video for the OnePlus TV Y series?

Answer 1: (A) Zakir Khan

What was the name of the video in which a comedian was seen opening the box containing the OnePlus TV Y series?

Answer 2 – (A) Free Gift Ka Sach

The OnePlus TV ____ series is equipped with support for the best-in-class picture viewing technology known as HDR 10 and HDR10+?

Answer 3 – (C) Each of these two

When was the first OnePlus TV, also known as the OnePlus TV Q1 series, made available to customers?

Answer 4 – (B) September 2019

 Do the OnePlus TV Y series have a color gamut that is ____ percent?

Answer 5 – (B) 93


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