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This article explores the rumors and speculations surrounding the absence of Kylee Russell’s character Eliza in the upcoming Disney movie Zombies 3. It also addresses the possibility of her return and provides answers to some frequently asked questions about the movie and its cast.

Why the Absence of Eliza in Zombies 3? Updates on Kylee Russell’s Involvement in the Movie

The Disney Channel’s Zombies franchise has captured the hearts of many young viewers since the release of the first movie in 2018. The story’s unique blend of musical comedy, romance, and zombies has been a massive success, leading to the creation of a sequel, Zombies 2, in 2020. As the release of Zombies 3 draws near, fans have noticed the absence of one of the original cast members, Eliza, and speculation about Kylee Russell’s involvement in the movie has continued to circulate. So what’s the deal with Eliza and Kylee in Zombies 3?

Before we dive into the potential reasons for Eliza’s absence from the third installment of the Zombies series, it’s essential to note that Disney Channel has not officially announced the cast or plot of Zombies 3. While there have been rumors and leaks surrounding the movie, it is vital to take any information about the storyline, characters, or actors with a grain of salt, as it may not be accurate.

Eliza, played by Kylee Russell, was a fan-favorite character introduced in the first Zombies movie. She was a shy and intelligent student who connected with Addison, one of the film’s protagonists, and helped her bridge the gap between zombies and humans. In Zombies 2, Eliza continued to be a loyal friend to Addison and the other zombies, but she faced several personal challenges, including conflicts with her brother and struggles with controlling her zombie impulses.

The final scene of Zombies 2 showed Eliza walking away from Seabrook High with her zombie features fully exposed, indicating that she had lost control and turned into a full zombie. This cliffhanger ending left many fans questioning what happened to Eliza and whether she would be returning in Zombies 3.

Despite fans’ hopes that Eliza would return for the third movie, it appears that the character will not be featured in Zombies 3. Disney has yet to provide an explanation for Eliza’s absence, but it’s likely that the plot will focus on other characters and storylines. While Eliza’s presence will be missed, it’s possible that new characters will be introduced to fill the void left by her absence.

As for Kylee Russell’s involvement in the movie, the situation is a bit more unclear. Some sources suggest that Russell will not be appearing in Zombies 3 due to scheduling conflicts, while others speculate that she may have chosen not to reprise her role as Eliza. However, Disney has not made an official statement regarding Russell’s involvement, leaving fans to speculate about her potential role in the movie.


The reason for Eliza’s absence from Seabrook in Zombies 3 has not been officially confirmed by Disney. However, there are several theories and speculations about why Kylee Russell’s character is not part of the upcoming movie. Some fans suggest that Eliza may have graduated from Seabrook High and moved on to college or other endeavors, while others speculate that she may have transferred to a different school or simply moved away. It’s also possible that her absence may be related to the plot of Zombies 3, which may focus on different characters and storylines. Regardless of the reason, fans will have to wait for the movie’s release to find out more about the fate of Eliza and the other characters in the Zombies universe.


There is no official confirmation from Disney regarding the reason for Kylee Russell’s absence from the Zombies 3 cast. However, there are several rumors and speculations about why she may not have been able to film with the rest of the cast. Some sources suggest that Russell may have had scheduling conflicts due to other projects or personal commitments, while others speculate that her absence may be related to creative differences or the storyline of the movie. It’s also possible that her absence may have been a mutual decision between Russell and the studio. Regardless of the reason, fans will have to wait for official updates from Disney to get more information on why Kylee Russell couldn’t film with the rest of the cast.


Fans of the Disney Zombies franchise have been discussing the absence of Kylee Russell’s character Eliza in Zombies 3. Some fans are disappointed that Eliza won’t be part of the upcoming movie, as they enjoyed her character and her dynamic with other members of the Seabrook community. Others speculate that Eliza’s absence may be related to the plot of Zombies 3, which may introduce new characters and challenges for the main cast. Some fans have even created their own theories and fan fiction about what may have happened to Eliza and where she may be during the events of Zombies 3.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Eliza’s fate, fans are still excited for the release of Zombies 3 and can’t wait to see what new adventures and conflicts the movie will bring. They are also curious to see how the absence of Eliza will impact the relationships and dynamics between the other characters, such as Zed, Addison, and Bucky. As the release date for Zombies 3 approaches, fans will continue to speculate and discuss the future of the franchise, including the potential return of Eliza in future installments.


In conclusion, while fans may be disappointed by Eliza’s absence in Zombies 3, there are still many reasons to look forward to the upcoming movie. With new characters and storylines, the third installment of the Zombies series is sure to be just as exciting and entertaining as the previous films. As for Kylee Russell’s involvement, only time will tell if she will be making an appearance in the movie or not. Until then, fans will have to wait for Disney to release more details about the cast and plot of Zombies 3.



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