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Expedition Bigfoot Season 5: Cast, Plot, Release date, Trailer and More

Expedition Bigfoot is a reality television series that documents the hunt for evidence of Bigfoot by a group of scientists. Since its 2019 Travel Channel premiere, the program has become one of the most popular reality television programs.
The program is conducted by former military sniper and current Bigfoot researcher Ronny LeBlanc. A group of specialists, including wildlife biologist Mireya Mayor, former police detective Matt Moneymaker, and technology expert Bryce Johnson, joins LeBlanc.
The group investigates various locations throughout the United States in an effort to locate Bigfoot. A range of techniques are employed, such as sound traps, trail cameras, and tracking devices.
The program’s scientific approach to Bigfoot research has garnered praise. The crew searches for Bigfoot using cutting-edge technology and techniques, while remaining open to the possibility that the creature does not exist.

Expedition Bigfoot Season 5 Potential Cast:

The following individuals are considered for the Expedition Bigfoot Season 5 cast:
Mayor Ronny LeBlanc (Host) is a wildlife biologist named Mireya.
Matt Moneymaker (Ex-police Detective) and Bryce Johnson (Expert in Technology)

Expedition Bigfoot Season 5 Possible Plot:

In Expedition Bigfoot Season 5, the team will seek Bigfoot in some of the most remote and uncharted regions of the United States. Bigfoot will be tracked using cutting-edge technology and techniques, in addition to conducting interviews with authorities and eyewitnesses.
With an optimistic outlook on their pursuit of proof of Bigfoot’s existence, the group is resolute in their pursuit.
Last Season Recap:
The expedition embarked on a quest for Bigfoot in Alaska during Season 4 of Expedition Bigfoot. They examined several promising leads, including a series of large footprints and a trail camera recording of an unusual vocalization.
Additionally, several eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen Bigfoot were interviewed by the team. John Green, a hunter and one of the witnesses, stated that he had observed a Bigfoot in the Alaskan wilderness from an intimate distance.
Despite their inability to locate conclusive evidence regarding the existence of Bigfoot, the team did amass some persuasive data. In Season 5, they are resolved to resume their search.

Expedition Bigfoot season 5 release date?

The creators of the show have not publicly said that it will end, but there has been some talk about it.

After the fifth season of Expedition Bigfoot was announced, it looks like a date for its release will be given soon after.

It is planned that Expedition Bigfoot season 5 will air at the end of 2024.

Where can I watch Expedition Bigfoot Season 5?

Season 5 of Expedition Bigfoot will broadcast on Sundays at 9/8c on the Travel Channel. Discover+ and Amazon Prime Video will also offer streaming access to the program.

Expedition Bigfoot Season 5 Trailer

The Season 5 trailer for Expedition Bigfoot has not yet been released.
The History of Bigfoot Sightings
The legendary entity Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is said to resemble a large primate with human-like features. There have been observations of Bigfoot reported from every continent, but the majority of sightings have taken place in North America.
In 1884, the first documented Bigfoot sighting occurred. A hunter by the name of John Patterson claimed to have spotted a Bigfoot in the Cascade Mountains of the state of Washington while out hunting. The extensive media coverage of Patterson’s sighting served to establish Bigfoot as one of the most renowned cryptid species worldwide.
Since Patterson’s discovery, tens of thousands of individuals have reported seeing Bigfoot. Despite the varying degrees of credibility attributed to these sightings, definitive evidence regarding the existence of Bigfoot remains elusive.


The expedition Bigfoot reality television series chronicles the investigation into the existence of Bigfoot by a group of scientists. The program’s scientific approach to Bigfoot research has garnered praise.


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