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Firestarter 2022: Trailer, Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know So Far

Stephen King is known as “The King of Horror,” and while this novel contains some frightening themes, he also enjoys playing with the “what ifs” of the universe. He’s written several stories about people (typically children) who find they have a natural skill that puts them different from the rest of the world. Many people focus on the horror component of The Shining, but they frequently overlook the fact that the term “shining” refers to Danny Torrence’s talents. His 2019 novel, The Institute, is about a group of children who are kidnapped by a hidden agency due to their magical skills.

Drew Barrymore, then eight years old, played Charlie McGee, Andrew McGee’s daughter, in the original 1984 picture (David Keith). Andrew and Vicky (Heather Locklear) sign up for an experimental drug test before Charlie is born, which results in them gaining weak versions of telepathy and telekinesis. Years later, when their daughter, Charlie, develops pyrokinesis, they are pursued by “The Shop,” a government entity.


The next “Firestarter” film is being produced by Jason Blum, who is also responsible for Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” and its follow-up, “Us,” as well as David Gordon Green’s “Halloween” reboot trilogy, which recently concluded in 2021’s “Halloween Kills.” Akiva Goldsman, whose prior credits include “A Beautiful Mind” and “I, Robot,” is Blum’s co-collaborator for “Firestarter.” Of course, every Stephen King adaptation has the potential to be absolutely spectacular, so it’s understandable that fans eagerly anticipating the new remake are beginning to ask about the project’s specifics. So, from the official release date to the cast and theatrical trailer, here’s everything we know about “Firestarter” so far.

When will Firestarter be released?

Although Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions first announced a relaunch of “Firestarter” in 2017, a series of events greatly delayed the development of the Stephen King adaptation. Originally, Akiva Goldsman, who produced another Stephen King adaptation, “The Dark Tower,” was set to direct. Although Goldsman remained on as a producer for “Firestarter,” he was replaced as director in June 2018 by Fatih Akin, whose previous work included the critically acclaimed murder thriller “In the Fade,” according to Variety.

Who is in the Firestarter cast?

The “Firestarter” reboot makes an unusual casting choice with Zac Efron as Andy McGee, the father of a child named Charlie who has pyrokinesis, the power to produce tremendously devastating bursts of fire with her mind. The former Disney Channel star has established himself as a nuanced and skilled actor over the years, and “Firestarter” will give him the chance to surprise fans once more. Meanwhile, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, who previously starred in a minor role in another Stephen King adaptation, “It: Chapter 2,” will play Charlie. Vicky, Charlie’s mother, is played by Sydney Lemmon, and Ms. Gardner, Charlie’s teacher, is played by Tina Jung.

Is there a Firestarter trailer?

The official teaser for “Firestarter” was published in early February, and it teases audiences with the young Charlie’s terrifying and amazing ability to will “a nuclear explosion” into existence with nothing but her mind. The teaser begins with Charlie’s father, played by Zac Efron, teaching her how to harness her talents with mindfulness exercises. He debates with other characters about how to best protect her and cautions that if she is ever apprehended, the people chasing her will “throw her in a cage.”

A power of this magnitude, however, cannot be contained. The trailer shows a scene in which Charlie’s teacher, Tina, discovers her hiding in the bathroom, attempting to conceal her conflagratory skills. Tina’s fingertips are burned when she touches the metal of the stall. The stall door smashes and shudders before being blown off its hinges by a blaze. The rest of the trailer is a flurry of suspense as The Shop, a federal outfit set on capturing Charlie, attempts to locate her. “She’s the first of her type,” adds Captain Hollister, The Ship’s captain, “a real-life superhero.”

Teaser Release 

The teaser also confirms the release date for “Firestarter,” which was previously mentioned. Fans will undoubtedly be giddy with excitement when the picture hits theaters and Peacock on May 13.


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