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Flying Spiders: Are Flying Spiders Returned After a Century?

In June of 2020, a new type of spider showed up in the United States. People say it looks like a spider with wings. About the flying spiders, there is no official news yet. One of the biggest trends in the United States is these spiders with wings.

Do spiders have wings that let them fly?

Yes, these spiders, which are called flying spiders, can fly. But this spider’s “wings” are just the web that wraps around it and makes it look like wings. And it’s also not entirely true that spiders can’t fly. These wings are part of a known process called “ballooning.”

Is this type of spider with wings a new species?

The flying spider is not a new type of animal. This kind of spider is a member of the Larinioides Sclopetarius species. And during the months of May through August, these species move.

In Chicago, they are often found in tall buildings. These spiders can’t fly because they don’t have wings.

Most of the time, they are moved by the wind when they spin webs that look like balloons. These spiders are also called grey cross spiders or bridge spiders. Scientists have also said that these spiders can fly with the help of static electricity from the air.

As a type of orb weaver, these spiders live near bodies of water. Most of the time, they move from May to August. Like the flies, bugs, and moths that live in high rise buildings, these spiders are drawn to light.

Flying Spiders

How spiders got their wings

In 2012, a picture of a spider that could fly went viral. It was found in tall buildings like the Willis Tower, Hancock Center, and Hilton Hotels, as well as in big homes. People thought that these spiders might escape and attack them, but this has never happened in the past.

Then it turned out that the pictures were fake. It was a picture of a spider that lives near water and is known as a fishing spider. Later in 2015, the government told people who lived in the Hilton hotel that they shouldn’t leave their windows open because it was the time of year when spiders with wings moved.

How dangerous are these spiders with wings?

Flying spiders don’t hurt people in any way. They do have teeth, and when they bite, they also make poison. On the other hand, they are not harmful and don’t need any medicine. They are usually scared of people and avoid species that try to catch them. So these spiders that can fly are not dangerous.


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