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LaShun Pace Net Worth – Details about Income, Salary, Age, Husband, Children

In the world of gospel music, LaShun Pace was a name that shone brightly. Her powerful voice and soulful melodies touched the hearts of millions. Born on September 6, 1961, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, LaShun Pace left an indelible mark in the entertainment industry.

Tragically, she passed away on March 21, 2022, at the age of 60 in her birthplace, leaving behind a legacy that will be cherished forever. Let’s delve into the life and accomplishments of this remarkable gospel singer, exploring her net worth, personal life, and lasting impact on the music world.

The Early Years

LaShun Pace began her musical journey in the mid-1970s, initially performing as a solo artist. Later, she formed a group called The Anointed Pace Sisters along with her siblings, showcasing their collective talent and spreading the message of faith through their music. During one of her tours, she had the opportunity to perform with Rev, which further honed her singing and ministering skills. In 1988, she collaborated with Dr. Jonathan Greer for the album “In the House of the Lord.”

A Remarkable Career

In 1990, LaShun Pace released her debut album titled “He Lives,” which reached number two on the gospel charts of Billboard. The album’s standout track, “I Know I’ve Been Changed,” became her signature song, earning her widespread recognition in the industry. Moreover, in 2003, LaShun Pace penned her autobiography, “My Good But For His Glory,” which delved into various themes, including the heartbreaking loss of her first-born daughter, Xenia, who passed away due to an enlarged heart.

The accolades continued to pour in for LaShun Pace, and in 2007, she was rightfully inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame. Two years later, in 2009, she received a nomination for Urban Performer of the Year in the Visionary Award, solidifying her position as one of the most revered gospel performers.

Personal Life and Tragedies

LaShun Pace’s personal life was relatively private, and not much is known about her relationships or dating life. However, she was a mother to two children named Xenia Pace Rhodes and Aarion Pace Rhodes. Xenia tragically passed away in 2001 due to a heart attack, which caused immense grief for LaShun. Additionally, her daughter faced bullying in school due to her height and weight, which further compounded the pain for both mother and daughter.

The loss of her daughter plunged LaShun Pace into a deep depression, and she struggled to find solace even in her strong faith. However, after 18 years of her daughter’s passing, she paid a heartfelt tribute online, expressing her love and longing for her late daughter.

Overcoming Challenges

Despite facing personal struggles and health issues, LaShun Pace managed to regain her strength and make a remarkable comeback to the gospel music industry. She released several successful solo albums, including “It’s My Time” in 2005, “Complete” in 2007, and “Reborn” in 2011, signifying her resilience and unwavering dedication to her passion for music.

LaShun Pace Net Worth

LaShun Pace’s exceptional talent and popularity in the gospel music genre contributed to her financial success. Sources estimate her net worth to be around $1.5 million, primarily accumulated through her singing career. However, as a private individual, she kept her personal and financial affairs away from the public eye.

Remembering LaShun Pace

The news of LaShun Pace’s passing left her fans and fellow gospel singers in shock. Karen Clark Sheard, a prominent gospel singer and businesswoman, shared the sad news with her 1.3 million followers. LaShun Pace’s impact on the gospel music world will be remembered for generations to come.

Funeral Announcement

Recently, the Pace family announced the funeral of LaShun Pace, inviting everyone to join in honoring her memory. The funeral is scheduled for April 2, 2022, at Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral, located at 212 Riverside Parkway. LaShun Pace is survived by her daughter and seven sisters.


LaShun Pace’s contribution to gospel music remains unparalleled, and her journey from humble beginnings to stardom is an inspiration to aspiring artists. Her soulful melodies and heartfelt performances touched the hearts of countless listeners worldwide. As the gospel community mourns her passing, they also celebrate the profound impact she made during her time on earth. LaShun Pace’s legacy will forever be cherished as a shining beacon of hope and faith in the world of music.


  1. What was LaShun Pace’s debut album? LaShun Pace’s debut album was titled “He Lives,” released in 1990.
  2. Which song made LaShun Pace famous? LaShun Pace gained fame with her signature song, “I Know I’ve Been Changed.”
  3. What was LaShun Pace’s net worth? LaShun Pace’s net worth was estimated to be around $1.5 million.
  4. How did LaShun Pace cope with her daughter’s passing? The loss of her daughter led LaShun Pace into a deep depression, but she eventually found strength through her faith.
  5. When and where is LaShun Pace’s funeral? LaShun Pace’s funeral is scheduled for April 2, 2022, at Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral, located at 212 Riverside Parkway.


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