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Related Posts Introduces New CRM Tool is a new platform that can be customized to help sales teams keep track of their sales cycle and all customer information in one place.

With the launch of a fully customizable Monday Sales CRM, the cloud-based work management platform is expanding into customer relationship management (CRM) software.

The software company is putting out the first of five job-specific products. Together, they’ll try to help teams in sales, marketing, software development, and project management do their jobs better.

New CRM Tool


Monday customize: is a customizable no-code framework, Work OS, which was used to build the new CRM platform. Users can manage their sales cycle and bring together all customer processes on a single platform.

For example, when a deal is closed, Monday Sales CRM creates a new account right away to start onboarding the client. It also brings up any data related to a specific account and automatically syncs customer data across departments, so you don’t need a dedicated account administrator.

Monday Sales CRM not only streamlines the sales process, but also lets users automate repetitive tasks, track team goals, manage activities after a sale, and speed up the sales hiring process.

Monday Sales CRM works:

they work with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook to send, receive, and automatically log emails. It also lets users know when a lead opens or replies to an email. The tool also works with popular enterprise apps and services from other companies, like Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, Aircall, Mailchimp, PandaDoc, and Docusign.

Ron Kimhi, the product lead for Monday Sales CRM, said that as organizations continue to digitize their operations, the need for a unified view of the customer across departments grows.

Making a CRM:

He said, “We’re making a CRM that is fast, flexible, and breaks down departmental silos to connect teams across entire organizations, which improves efficiency and results.” “Our new approach to CRM is unified and very easy to use. It ensures a smooth journey from prospect to customer and beyond, improving daily teamwork, team satisfaction, and success.”

package cost: Sales CRM is now available to customers. There is a free plan, a basic package for $10, and a pro package for $25.


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