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Brightburn 2 Is Scheduled For Release In 2022, With A Release Date Confirmed

Brightburn is an American superhero movie coming out in 2019 that was written by Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn and was directed by David Yarovesky. James Gunn and Kenneth Huang made the movie, and Sony Pictures Releasing is in charge of getting it to theaters.

The movie cost between $6 million and $12 million to make, but it made $32.9 million at the box office. After Brightburn did well, it was decided that audiences should also be able to watch Brightburn 2. Brightburn 2 will also be a scary movie, just like the first one. Brightburn 2 will be a movie about a hero.

Brightburn 2 release date

Even though it is certain that Brightburn 2 will come out, the exact date that it will be in theaters is still not known. James Gunn, who will produce Brightburn 2, is also working on The Suicide Squad right now.

He will be able to focus on Brightburn 2 after he finishes with The Suicide Squad. But it is likely that Brightburn 2 will come out around the middle of 2022.

Plan for Brightburn 2

We still don’t know exactly what happens in Brightburn 2, but clips from the credit view helped us figure out some things. In Brightburn 2, Brandon will probably use his powers to do things that hurt other people.

Sources say that Brandon will be seen killing a large number of people and destroying buildings. The movie is not at all like a Superman movie. When the movie’s trailer comes out, you’ll know exactly what happens in the movie.

Brightburn 2 is a movie

Brightburn 2

By looking at the story of Brightburn, you can figure out what will happen in Brightburn 2. In the last movie in the series, Brandon Breyer, who is the son of an alien named Bright and a human woman, was the main character.

At the beginning of the movie, he is shown to be a normal boy who is often picked on at school and who is very close to his father, Hal.

Brandon learns about his superpower as he gets older. He starts to use it to protect himself and get back at people who have been mean to him. Even though he didn’t know he was an alien before, he finds out later and starts to doubt his humanity.

He then decides he no longer wants to be human. He rejects his human side and starts terrorizing his hometown and making plans to destroy the world. Most likely, Brightburn 2 will pick up where the first game left off.


  • Royce played by Abraham Clinkscales.
  • Tori Breyer played by Elizabeth Banks.
  • Ms. Espenschied played by Jennifer Holland.
  • Brandon Breyer played by Jackson A.
  • Dunn. Merilee McNichol played by Meredith Hagner.
  • Kyle Breyer played by David Denman
  • Noah McNichol played by Matt Jones.

Trailer for Brightburn 2

The Brightburn 2 trailer is still not out. This part will be changed when Brightburn 2’s trailer is officially announced.

More Information

In an interview with Collider, Rarovesky confirmed that the film’s credits have mentioned Brightburn 2, which is coming out soon. Also, it’s been said that if the Brightburn universe needs to be expanded in other installments, it will be done in secret, and then a cinematic trailer will be released.

James Gunn confirmed that there will be a Brightburn 2 in June 2019. But later, he was busy writing and directing Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 and The Suicide Squad.



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