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Britannia Season 4 : Release Date, Cast, Plot & More

Britannia is a show that you should watch if you like shows about magic and the supernatural. It is a historical drama about the invasion of Britain by Russia in 43 CE.

The current season of the show, which started on January 16, 2022, is the third. Six months have passed since the last season came out. Fans are now eager to know when Season 4 of Britannia will come out.

We’ve put everything we know about the show in this post. Be sure to read it all the way through.

When will Season 4 of Britannia come out?

Fans are sure that there will be a fourth season. But the show’s creators have not yet given the official word that the show will be back. On the plus side, the creators have shown that they want to make another season. Also, over the three seasons, the show has gained a huge number of fans. These are all good enough reasons for the people who make the show to keep it going.

If you thought the show would come back in 2022, you would be wrong. The show hasn’t been picked up yet, because it takes time for the people who make it to finish everything. Even if they say there will be a fourth season, it won’t come out until 2023.

When the date for Season 4 of Britannia is announced, we will let you know. Until then, keep an eye on this page.

Cast of Season 4 of Britannia

Find out who is in Season 4 of Britannia below.

  • Aulus Platius, played by David Morrissey
  • Cait (played by Eleanor Worthington Cox)
  • Amena, played by Annabel Scholey
  • Phelan, played by Julian Rhind-Tutt
  • McKenzie Crook a Veran
  • Nikolai Kie Kaas as Divis
  • Gershywn Eustache Jr. as Vitus
  • Kerra played by Kelly Reilly
  • Zoe Wanamaker as Regni Queen Antedia
  • Gildan as Joe Armstrong
  • Daniel Caltagirone as Brutus
  • Callie Cooke as Islene
  • King Pellanor is played by Ian McDiarmid
  • Barry Ward played Sawyer.
  • Stanley Weber as Lindon

Trailer for Season 4 of Britannia

Fans are very excited to see the Britannia Season 4 trailer. But it hasn’t come out yet.

Teaser for Season 4 of Britannia

There is no teaser for Season 4 of Britannia. Most teasers come out about a month before the show starts.

The plot and expected storyline for Season 4 of Britannia

As far as the story goes, Britannia season 4 will pick up where season 3 left off. People think that Cait will be the thing that kills the Romans.

The Britannia season 4 wiki guide will have more changes added to it.

What happened at the end of the last season of Britannia?

How did Season 3 of Britannia end? Here’s a quick look back at Season 3 of Britannia.

Lucius died at the end of season 3, and Cait was saved from Aulus. You should watch the trailer to get a better idea.

Review and ratings of Britannia’s fourth season

Since the first season, Britannia Season 4 reviews have been good. Britannia’s fourth season has a 6.2/10 rating on IMDb and a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Britannia Season 4


Where can I watch Season 4 of Britannia?

When the fourth season comes out, it, like the other seasons, will be on Epix.

What Will Happen to Season 4 of Britannia?

Since the third season came out more than six months ago, there has been no news about whether or not Britannia will return for a fourth season. It’s hard to guess what the show’s creators have in mind.

Countdown to Season 4 of Britannia

We will start counting down to Britannia Season 4 once the release date is known. But first, the show’s creators need to say for sure that there will be a fourth season.

Britannia Season 4 Episode Guide

As of right now, nothing has changed about the Season 4 episodes of Britannia. After they say when the first episode of Britannia Season 4 will air, we’re sure they’ll tell us more.

Britannia Season 4 Leaks and Spoilers

We don’t have any spoilers for Season 4 of Britannia right now.

What’s New with Season 4 of Britannia?

According to a news update about Britannia Season 4, Amazon decided to stop airing the show because it was hard to keep people watching. Also, it costs a lot to put on a historical drama because the sets and costumes are so detailed.

You should follow Season 4 of Britannia on Twitter to find out more.

Britannia Season 4 Poster

During the promotion for Season 4, a poster for Season 4 of Britannia will come out.

Concept Trailer for Season 4 of Britannia

Check out the idea behind the Britannia season 4 trailer:

Last Thoughts on Season 4 of Britannia

We don’t know what will happen with Britannia Season 4 right now. But we’ll let you know when we find out more about the show.

FAQs for Season 4 of Britannia

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