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Has Godfather of Harlem Season 4 Canceled?

Many TV shows in recent years have met their ultimate end. The end of every new show season creates a dilemma in the fans’ minds: will the show renew, or will it meet its demise? This has been the same issue with “Godfather of Harlem,” as the fans wonder if there will be a Godfather of Harlem Season 4 for it because of the continuing uncertainty around it.

Release Date for Godfather of Harlem Season 4

With the third season’s release on 15th January 2023 and the end of the second season, fans are anticipating the renewal and airing date for the Godfather of Harlem Season 4. The show makers have not given any statement on whether there will be a Season 4, which has caused quite a stir among the lovers of the show. If, however, there is a renewal of the show and it follows a schedule, Season 4 will likely air around the end of 2023.

The Cast of “Godfather of Harlem” Season 4

Despite no official announcement regarding Season 4, fans look forward to knowing who will star in it. Most of the current cast can be expected to be a part of the show in Season 4. Fans can also look forward to new additions to the side and recurrent characters. The fans can fully expect to see most of their favorite characters return. Some of the fan favorites who are part of the cast are:

  • Forest Whitaker plays the role of Bumpy.
  • Nigel Thatch in the role of Malcolm X.
  • Lucy Fry as Stella Gigante.
  • Erik LaRay Harvey represents Del Chance.
  • Antionette Crowe-Legacy as Ellse Johnson.
  • Vincent D’Onofrio playing Vincent Gigante.
  • Markuann Smith in the role of Junie Byrd.
  • Paul Sorvino portrays Frank Costello.
  • Mayme Johnson featured by Ilfenesh Hadera.
  • Ernie Nunzi, portrayed by Rafi Gavron.
  • Adam Clayton Powell Jr. is being played by Giancarlo Esposito.

Season 4 Spoilers

With the uncertainty surrounding the airing of the fourth season and with Season 3 still upcoming, it is hard to predict what the Godfather of Harlem Season 4 will focus on. With only the latest Season 2 to rely on, it will be hard to come up with spoilers for the fourth season and base the season’s storyline on what we already know.

However, this does not mean that the fans will not have an absolute blast while watching the new season. The much-anticipated season will surely make them have a gripping and thrilling experience. With all the previous seasons, including the third one, being a 10-episode series, the fourth season will likely follow the same pattern.

The Plot of “Godfather of Harlem”

The show follows the famed mobster Bumpy Johnson, who returns to see his homeland completely wrecked by a crime family after serving a decade in jail and takes it upon himself to fight them. It premiered on Epix on 29th September 2019. The show was written based on the book by Chris Brancato and Paul Eckstein.

Godfather of Harlem Season 4 Trailer

There has been no announcement of the renewal or cancellation of a fourth season for the show. With everything being up in the air and nothing quite confirmed, there is no trailer for the Godfather of Harlem Season 4.


The fate of Godfather of Harlem Season 4 remains uncertain as fans eagerly await news about its renewal. With no official announcement from the show’s makers, viewers are left wondering if they will get to see their favorite characters and storylines continue. However, if the show does return for a fourth season, fans can expect more thrilling episodes, gripping storylines, and stellar performances from the talented cast. Until then, fans will have to wait patiently and keep their fingers crossed for the future of Godfather of Harlem.


1. Has Godfather of Harlem Season 4 been officially canceled?

 There has been no official announcement regarding the cancellation or renewal of Godfather of Harlem Season 4.

2. When can we expect the release of Godfather of Harlem Season 4? 

If the show gets renewed, based on previous release patterns, fans can anticipate Godfather of Harlem Season 4 to air around the end of the year 2023.

3. Will the main cast members return for Season 4? 

While there has been no official confirmation, most of the main cast members are expected to reprise their roles in Godfather of Harlem Season 4.

4. How many episodes are typically in a season of Godfather of Harlem? 

Previous seasons of Godfather of Harlem have consisted of 10 episodes each, so Season 4 will likely follow a similar format.

5. Is there a trailer available for Godfather of Harlem Season 4? 

No, no trailer is available for Godfather of Harlem Season 4, as the show’s renewal has not been officially confirmed.


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