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Marketing Strategy: Offer snacks to increase sales in your restaurant

A successful marketing plan for your restaurant can include offering snacks. You can provide a range of snacks depending on what “theme” you wish to create for your restaurant. Even if you run a Mexican diner, Greek, or even Asian, there are some snacks from these cuisines.

Customers who purchase snacks can enjoy tiny servings of food while enjoying a light lunch. According to data, 170% more snack items are now on restaurant menus than five years ago, and this trend is most likely to rise.

Giving your clients various options for snacks will help support the continued expansion of the sale of snacks in the restaurant industry.

For instance, you can include a snack category on your QR code menu so that clients can browse your selection of snacks.

Creating a tempting QR code menu to inform customers that you also serve snacks in your place of business is also a good marketing strategy.

A restaurant digital QR code menu software can also be used to arrange an interactive QR code menu artistically.

List of snacks you can serve

The following is a list of snacks you can serve in your small restaurant. These are merely recommendations. Of course, it would still rely on the food you offer in your establishment.

Burgers and fries

Due to their lack of preparation time, burgers and fries can be made relatively quickly and easily. Burgers are a go-to, despite the fact that the bread, meat, and vegetables can be a little filling.

Potato strips can be quickly fried, flavor added, and served crisp to customers. These clients can down a burger, some fries, and a few bottles of booze.

For example, you might cross-sell some beers and other drinks that go well with these meals.

Who doesn’t enjoy hamburgers and fries, too?

Mozzarella sticks

With this well-known delicacy, gooey mozzarella cheese is deep-fried till golden brown. It is then topped with seasoned Italian breadcrumbs.

On cheese sticks, many other coatings may occasionally be utilized. Typically, this cuisine is dipped in various sauces that your restaurant sells. Other ingredients can also coat these sticks for flavor.

Mozzarella sticks pair well with white wine, especially a dry or medium-dry white wine.


Sandwiches can be made quickly, much like burgers. Depending on what your consumers desire, you can provide a variety of sandwiches.

For instance, you can serve club, vegan, and protein sandwiches on your menu. You can also allow your customers to customize their sandwiches to satisfy their cravings. You can include modifiers and add-ons that pair well with sandwiches in your interactive menu.

You can eventually add signature sandwiches to your menu and offer them.

Onion rings

Large white onions are cut into rings, dipped in batter and breadcrumbs, and deep-fried as an everyday snack food. Ketchup, barbeque sauce, or mayonnaise are widely used as dipping sauces with them.

In your restaurant, you can serve these appetizers along with wine and beers.

While dining at your restaurant, let your guests create their snack and beverage combinations.


Even while nachos might get messy on the fingers, they nevertheless make a great snack, especially if your customers like to eat messy meals.

It also provides a variety of toppings, giving your customers many choices.

The ingredients are piled, so it takes some time to prepare. Assembly is easy, but pre-preparation takes time, mainly when prepping the meats.

Aside from that, you can also allow your customers to create their nacho servings with an interactive menu. You can create distinct modifiers and add-ons just for the nacho meal. For instance, you can include chili con carne, cheese, jalapeno, onions, and others.

Allow your customers to be creative in making their nachos.


It can be simpler for you and your team to serve guests if you make it simple for them to order snacks from your restaurant using an interactive digital QR code menu.

Depending on the theme and concept you are using, you can also provide a wide variety of snacks to your guests.

Of course, it would be helpful to consider the long-term growth implications for your business.


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