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Navigating the myePayWindow Mobile App: Registration and Login Process

The myePayWindow Mobile App is a convenient platform that merges e-payslips with a document exchange system, offering users enhanced control over their data.

Employers can easily view and process employee payslips, while employees can access their current and past payslips and P60s. The app ensures secure data exchange, simplifies payroll processes and provides flexibility with access from various devices.

What is the myePayWindow Mobile App?

The myePayWindow Mobile App is a virtual platform designed to offer users enhanced control over their data. It is intended to merge e-payslips from the site with an existing document exchange system. The outcome is a user-friendly portal that maintains the security and ease of access inherent to the current services. With this app, users can optimize their data management processes.

Steps to Download, Register, and Login to the myePayWindow Mobile App

How to Download the MyePayWindow App?

Downloading the MyePayWindow App is a straightforward process. The app can be obtained from the provided links on the website.

  • Access the website to download the app.
  • Alternatively, you can also use the browser to visit the website.
  • Ensure you verify all your device configurations before initiating the download.

How to Log in to MyePayWindow?

To log in to MyePayWindow, navigate to the online portal through your internet browser. Activate the provided link and then proceed to register on the website. You can then log in using your chosen username and password.

Understanding the myePayWindow’s Functionality

Once the employer and employee have activated the link, they gain access to their current and past payslips and their P60s.

The secure data exchange the app facilitates allows employers to view employees’ payslips. Employers can upload data for processing using a primary device. The generated reports can be conveniently downloaded and approved. Upon approval, the payslips are disseminated on a pre-determined date.

How to Register on MyePayWindow?

Initiating the registration process requires identity verification. Employers or employees can begin the registration process once they receive an invitation from their colleagues or superiors.

Follow the subsequent steps to register:

  • Click to register with the app.
  • To authenticate your identity, enter your name, email ID, birth date, and a secret key (for employers) or National Insurance Number (for employees).
  • Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Establish your username and password.
  • Open the verification email sent to you. Note that the activation email is only valid for one hour.

Is MyePayWindow Secure?

The myePayWindow app prioritizes user safety when conducting pay or payslip transactions. Users can conveniently view their payslips from various devices, including tablets, desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones. The app is designed for flexible use, available for download and use anywhere, at any time.

Contacting MyePayWindow

You can reach the MyePayWindow team at 0344 815 5656 for any inquiries.


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