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Raising Dion Season 3 : Renewed or Cancelled By Netflix?

Netflix has decided not to make a third season of Raising Dion, so there won’t be one. The streaming service hasn’t said anything about it, but everyone else involved with the show has talked about what will happen to it.

Raising Dion is based on the same-named comic book series by Dennis Liu and was made by Outlier Society. It tells the story of Nicole and her son Dion’s journey after he suddenly starts to have special abilities. The first season is mostly about Dion’s fight against The Crooked Man, whom he beat.

After two years, the second season takes place. It shows Dion as he continues to learn about and improve his powers with the help of his mother and Tevin, his new Biona trainer. Over the course of the season, Dion learns that he still has a lot of danger to face. The mother and son try to protect themselves and the city of Atlanta from all the dangers that are coming their way.

Season 3 of Raising Dion was going to be a continuation and show how Dion’s life was changing. But the future of the show looks bleak, and here’s why.

Is there a third season of Raising Dion?

There won’t be a third season of Raising Dion. The actress who played Esperanza, Sammie Haney, was the first to confirm the news on April 26. She wrote about how she felt on Instagram as she said goodbye to the show for good. She typed:

“Unfortunately, Raising Dion has been cancelled. Thank you to all of our wonderful fans for the great help you gave us. Season two was just as successful as Season one, judging by how many people watched it all and asked for a third season.

Many people were surprised by the news, since they hadn’t expected the cancellation at all. After all, the show did pretty well in both of its seasons.

Raising Dion Season 3

Why won’t Raising Dion have a third season?

Netflix hasn’t really said why they aren’t making a third season of Raising Dion, but it could be because they don’t have enough money. This is because Netflix’s stock price has dropped a lot since data showed that 200,000 people have stopped using the streaming service. In fact, $1.1 billion was lost on the platform. Also, Rotten Tomatoes says that the streaming platform will likely lose another two million subscribers over time.

So, Netflix has had to get rid of some shows to save money and make room for new ones. At the moment, they are only renewing shows that are doing better than expected.

We know that Netflix will have to make a lot more tough decisions like this in the coming months, but Raising Don season 3 did not deserve to be cut. This is because it’s one of the few shows where black people, especially kids, are portrayed as superheroes. Alisha Wainright wrote down what she thought about the show being cancelled. She typed:

“I’m so sad that the show is ending, not only because I won’t get to work with my amazing cast and crew again in the same way, but also because I think Raising Dion did so much for little Black, Brown, and disabled kids.”

And we couldn’t agree with you more. Hopefully, Netflix will be a little more thoughtful and look at a show from all angles before cancelling it, because black and brown kids need more role models and aspirational representation.

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