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Review of Paramount Plus in the UK: Is It Worth It?

ViacomCBS launched Paramount Plus in 2021. It is a streaming service with a wide range of material. After CBS and Viacom merged, the streaming service used to be called CBS All Access. Now, it is called Paramount Global. Here is our review of Paramount Plus in the UK to help you decide if you should sign up for it.

From our Paramount Plus review in the UK, we know that the streaming service offers original programming, live sports, shows, and movies from Nickelodeon, BET, MTV, Comedy Central, and Paramount, among others. The Wolf Pack series, Mayor of Kingstown, NCIS, and Tulsa King are all well-liked shows on Paramount Plus.

Paramount Plus is available in many countries, but the material you can get depends on where you are. Most of the material is in the US library, but you need a VPN to watch Paramount Plus UK. ExpressVPN lets you get Paramount+ in countries where the service hasn’t started yet.

But with so many other streaming services, is it worth it to pay for Paramount Plus? Here is a list of the good and bad things about Paramount Plus:


Low rates per month and per year to subscribe
There are more than 30,000 hours of material. Top shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, NCIS, and Star Trek are on there.
Streaming with a personal touch


Not everyone can get local CBS stations.
Content only for brands associated with Viacom and CBS

In the UK in 2023, how much does Paramount Plus cost?

In 2023, Paramount+ will cost GBP 4.05 per month. Here’s how the Paramount+ membership plans break down:

Essential Premium
GBP 4.05/month or GBP 40.53/year GBP 8.10/month or GBP 81.07/year
One-week free trial One-week free trial
Access to the entire library Access to the entire library
NFL on CBS live NFL on CBS live
Sports like the Champions League More live sports events
Limited ads No ads except few shows and live TV
24/7 CBS live news 24/7 CBS live news
No live local CBS station Your local CBS station live
No downloads Download shows for offline viewing

In our study of Paramount Plus in the UK in 2023, we had to look at how much it costs, and it’s one of the most affordable streaming services. On Paramount Plus, you can choose between the Essential plan and the Premium plan.

The Paramount Plus Essential Plan costs GBP 4.05 per month, or GBP 40.53 per year, and gives you access to the company’s network stations, such as CBS Sports, CBS Home Entertainment, CBS News, and CBSN. This plan comes with a free trial for seven days, and if you buy it, you can watch live sports, films, and shows.

The Paramount Plus Premium Plan costs GBP 8.10 per month or GBP 81.07 per year, and you can try it for free for seven days. Except for a few shows, you can watch everything in the Paramount+ library without ads, and you can download material to watch when you’re not online. The neighborhood CBS station and live news are on Paramount Plus Premium.

You can cancel Paramount Plus at any time (starting with the next billing cycle) if you want to stop using the app for a while. But if Paramount Plus doesn’t work or you get other errors, it could ruin your streaming experience, especially if you’re watching from outside the U.S. In this case, you should use ExpressVPN, which is the best VPN for Paramount Plus, to stream without buffering.

Other Streaming Services vs. Paramount Plus

Now that you know what to expect from the streaming service, how does a contract with Paramount Plus compare to other services? Paramount Plus has thousands of hours of content, including original shows, licensed TV series, films, live TV, and live sports events.

The original CBS All Access deal cost GBP 4.86 per month, which is more than Paramount Plus, which costs GBP 4.05 per month. The table below shows that Paramount Plus is less expensive than its main rivals.

Features Paramount+ Netflix Hulu HBO Max
Base price GBP 4.05 GBP 5.67 GBP 6.48 GBP 8.10
Free trial duration 7 days None 30 days None
Live channels 20+ None None None
DVR storage hours None None None None

Add-ons and Content for Paramount Plus

When doing a review of the Paramount Plus app, it’s important to look at both the content and the add-ons that are offered. Here’s a quick look at what’s on Paramount Plus and what you can add to it.

Paramount+ has a huge collection of unique materials that you can’t find anywhere else. Some of the best shows on Paramount Plus are Mayor of Kingstown, the Wolf Pack series, NCIS, Lingo, SEAL Team, Blood Treasure, and many more. For GBP 9.72/month, you can get a bundle of Paramount Plus and Showtime that lets you watch Showtime originals, documentaries, sports, and movies without ads.

If you like films, you can’t go wrong with Paramount Plus. The streaming service has a huge library of films. You can watch films like Top Gun: Maverick, Star Trek: Prodigy, The Lost City, Devotion, Jackass Forever, and many more.

If you ask, “Is Paramount Plus worth it for sports fans?” the answer is yes. On Paramount Plus, you can watch live sports like the UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Champions League, the NFL, and the UEFA Europa Conference League, just to name a few.

What does Paramount+ come with?

The channels that are part of Paramount Plus are Comedy Central, BET, CBS, Paramount Network, MTV, VH1, and others. Together, these channels have more than 30,000 shows. The streaming service is an update to CBS All Access and has hundreds of films from the library of Paramount Pictures.

In our study of Paramount Plus, we talked about some of the following:

Parental Controls

Parents need parental controls to stop their kids from seeing information that is only for people of a certain age. Paramount Plus has shows for kids and shows for adults, and users can set parenting controls based on their child’s age.

Help for customers

Paramount Plus has a customer service team that helps people who have problems with Paramount Plus. The streaming service has a help page that lists the most common Paramount Plus problems, how to fix them, information about your account, and how much you owe.

Streaming of high-quality video and sound

The Paramount Plus library on the Essential Plan has a 4K video, HDR 10 video, and Dolby Vision video. So, is it worth it to get Paramount Plus Premium? Yes, Paramount Plus Premium is worth it because members get Dolby Atmos, which gives them the best streaming experience possible.

Live Channels

The Paramount Plus live channel hub lets subscribers of the Essential and Premium plans find live shows by type. For instance, there is an area for crime and justice, another for TV classics, yet another for kids and family fun, and so on.

What devices does Paramount Plus in the UK work with?

The list of devices that work with Paramount Plus was an important part of our study of Paramount Plus in the UK. The streaming service works on standard devices like mobile phones, tablets, and smart TVs through a web browser or a specialized app.

Here are the gadgets that work with Paramount Plus:

Cox Contour boxCox Contour box Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and Apple iPod Touch
Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox web browsers Vizio TV
Xfinity Flex and X1 Android TV (Google TV)
Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 11 Samsung TV
Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S Android phone and tablet
Apple macOS PlayStation 4, 5
Roku Google Chromecast
Apple TV Facebook Portal TV
LG TV (WebOS) Fire TV

Tip: If you want to watch Paramount Plus abroad, you need to set up VPN settings on your computer so you can watch on devices that can’t use VPN apps. Use MediaStreamer smart DNS from ExpressVPN to watch Paramount Plus on your Roku or PS4.

Is it worth it to get Paramount+ in the UK?

Yes, Paramount+ is worth it in the UK for sure.

Even though Paramount+ is cheaper than Hulu and Netflix and only has material from Paramount Global brands, it is still worth it. Paramount+ is worth it if you like shows like Star Trek, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Challenge, or Survivor.


So, that’s our review of Paramount Plus in the UK. We hope we’ve given you enough information to help you make a choice.

During our study of the Paramount Plus plans, we found that the streaming service was one of the cheapest. For those wondering, “Is Paramount Plus Essential worth it?” Yes, the Paramount Plus Essential Plan is worth it, even though there are some ads. Users can view the whole library of content.

But if you’re in a place where Paramount Plus hasn’t spread its wings or you can’t get to your favorites, you’ll need a VPN like ExpressVPN. Now that you know if it’s worth it to get Paramount Plus, sign up for it and start watching it right away.



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