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Stella Guidry Nestle| Who Is Tyler Henry’s Grandmother and Where Is She Now?

Life After Death with Tyler Henry, a crime docuseries on Netflix, came out in March 2022. In the series, we learned the sad and interesting story of how Theresa lived for years with a convicted criminal who stole from the hospital. The show also goes into Stella Guidry Nestle’s life and crimes. But the little information given isn’t enough to satisfy your curiosity. Keep reading this article for more information.

Who’s Tyler Henry?

Tyler Henry Koelewy is a well-known American clairvoyant and TV star. A clairvoyant is a person who can see into the future beyond what is normally possible. Tyler’s popularity has grown in the past year thanks to shows like Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. And, more recently, in Life After Death: Surviving Death with Tyler Henry, a Netflix show. In the series, Henry uses his powers to help a small number of the 300,000 people who are on his waiting list.

Who is Stella Guidry Nestle, the “grandmother” of Tyler Henry?

In the 2019 episode of the Netflix show Life After Death, Theresa Koelewyn found out that Stella Guidry Nestle was not her real mother. Stella Guidry’s early life was also filled with bad things. A few years ago, when Stella saw a baby in the hospital, she took Theresa without telling the authorities. Theresa’s sister, Felicia, says that Theresa was with Stella when she came back from two years in Louisiana.

Stella Guidry

The family thought Stella got pregnant there, gave birth there, and then carried the baby back to Hanford, California. On the other hand, she really did take Theresa Koelewyn as a child and raise her. And never told her she wasn’t her real mother. Stella Guidry Nestle is said to have hurt Theresa and other children in the past. Stella Guidry Nestle used to lock her children up in the closet for a long time. She also beat her kids and did things like this to them to make them suffer. Theresa was probably glad to find out that Stella Guidry Nestle was not her real mother because of this.

What is Fowler Motel Murders? Where is Stella Guidry Nestle now?

Stella Guidry Nestle had two children of her own, Peter and Felicia, with whom she used to live in California. Stella killed the motel’s owner, Judy Wang, and her boyfriend while she was working as a supervisor at the Fowler Hotel. The woman didn’t stop there, though. She called her 18-year-old son Peter and told him to come. And help her bury the bodies. This would make him an accomplice in the murder, which is against the law.

Stella Guidry Now: Where is Tyler Henry’s grandmother now? Update
Stella led him to the office of the motel, where the bodies of the hotel owner, her lover, Wen Li Wang, and Wai Lee were tied. Stella made up a story about four Mexicans who came to the United States and killed people to get money. Stella told Peter that if he didn’t help her get rid of the bodies, she would. Then they’d go home and kill everyone in their family.

Peter said that his mother killed the boss because she thought that if she did, she would own the hotel and protect the family. He helped her because he cared about my family, and I did what my mother told me to do. The Netflix show goes into a lot of detail about the double murder. But it leaves out important context and some background information about the investigation. Stella was found guilty of killing two people and given two life sentences. But after 30 years in prison, she was freed. She is in her nineties now and lives a quiet life out of the public eye.

Will Netflix have Season 2 of Life After Death?

On March 11, 2022, the first season of Netflix’s true crime docuseries Life After Death came out. All nine episodes of the first season were put on the streaming service at the same time. As for the future of the show, Netflix hasn’t heard anything about a second season yet.

But this is very much in line with what the streaming service is like. Most of the time, Netflix waits a few months before making a decision about a show. Life After Death with Tyler Henry is the same way. So, fans will have to wait a little while longer before the streaming giant says anything.


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