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Is There a Sixteen Season of Supernatural in 2022?

During the 2019 VegasCon event, Supernatural’s leading stars divulged that the narrative of the series was finally drawing to a close. This announcement devastated the loyal fanbase of the show, which had been running for several years.

Ackles elaborated that the scriptwriting no longer sustained the series, leading to this inevitable decision. Therefore, Supernatural came to a conclusion. However, recently, whispers about the show’s revival for a 16th season have emerged. So, is Supernatural Season 16 in the works? Keep reading to find out more.

The Truth Behind Supernatural Season 16 Speculations

To begin, we want to clarify that Season 16 is not on the cards! Any claim suggesting the possibility of a 16th season should be disregarded. However, fans can anticipate the return of the cast for a special occasion.

Introducing the Supernatural Official Convention Las Vegas 2022

Many recent fans might be unfamiliar with this event. It’s a fan convention where devotees have the opportunity to meet the original series actors. The cast is open to any inquiries about the show and will answer them. So, why is the cast gathering for a 16th season despite the series conclusion?

An Eventful Day in the Offing!

We’ve obtained the guest list for the day’s proceedings, including:

  • Jensen Ackles – Actor
  • Misha Collins – Actor
  • Ruth Connell – Actor
  • Felicia Day – Actor
  • Timothy Omundson – Actor
  • Jared Padalecki – Actor
  • Tahmoh Penikett – Actor
  • Samantha Smith – Actor

Is there anything beyond a sixth Supernatural installment?

With Supernatural Season 16 not happening, we bring some exciting news to fans. There might be a spin-off in the pipeline.

The cast is coming back together for a new series titled The Winchesters, serving as a prequel to Supernatural! Ackles, along with his wife, took on the project to produce the show for CW. The story will have Dean Winchester at its center, not necessarily as the main character, but the narrative will certainly involve him. Sam’s involvement, however, is less clear, with Padalecki engaged in another venture. Still, a cameo performance wouldn’t be out of the question. The fans indeed miss them greatly.

Despite past rumors about potential spin-offs, ‘The Winchesters’ is definitely happening. The filming has concluded, and a trailer is available for streaming on YouTube. We’ll give you a sneak peek into what the spin-off entails below.

The series will delve into the lives of Dean and Sam’s parents, with Dean serving as the voiceover narrator. However, the narrative will primarily revolve around John and Mary. It’s a unique love story about two people who, despite not being able to live in harmony due to their destiny, manage to protect each other and the world around them with their profound love. Fans might be disappointed that Ackles isn’t directly part of the story, but he has made substantial contributions to the production!

Jensen has expressed excitement about the project. He realized that after the 15th season of Supernatural, he wanted to share the tale of John and Mary with the world. He believes that his character would have wanted to let fans in on the extraordinary story of his parents.

The show’s ending was a significant blow to fans. Misha Collins confessed his surprise that the series lasted as long as it did. He thought the show was winding down when he joined in the 4th season, but it carried on for 15 seasons. It seemed like the right moment to bid farewell. But as one chapter ends,


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