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Armin Meiwes Crime Scene Photo| A Legitimate Punishment for that Cannibal?

Armin Meiwes’s crime scene photos show that he is accused of killing someone wrongfully. Germany’s 12 weeks of review, which was one of the most shocking trials in German prison history, ended on Friday. At the same time, judges sentenced confessed cannibal Armin Meiwes to 8 years and 6 months in prison.

The trial that has kept Germany and the rest of the world interested for the past few weeks came to a close on Friday in a Kassel courtroom. Armin Meiwes has been charged with wrongful death for killing a 43-year-old computer expert from Berlin, eating his genitalia, and then freezing the rest of the body to eat later. He will be in jail for eight months and six weeks.

Real punishment for that cannibal?

The prosecutors who are trying to get a life sentence for a murder that was caused by sexual urges didn’t make their case. Harald Ermel, a security guard at the jail, said on Thursday that his client, who is known as the “cannibal of Rotenburg,” should be let off easy because his victims were likely to die and be eaten.

Ermel had said that the Cannibal should be punished harshly based on how often he killed himself, which could lead to a maximum jail sentence of five years. Bernd-Jürgen B., the man he killed, volunteered to be killed after answering an online ad by a 40- to 60-year-old Meiwes looking for “more younger men to kill and eat.”

Armin Meiwes's crime scene


German Cannibal Trial Opens in Complexity

The situation was made more difficult by the fact that the victim had made it clear that he or she wanted to die. In court, Meiwes’s lawyer showed emails in which the victim was very clear that he or she wanted to be killed and eaten. The video of Meiwes killing Bernd-Jürgen B. was chilling to watch in court, and it convinced the prosecutors that Bernd-Jürgen B. chose to end his life.

The recording sounds like Meiwes killed his victim in a scene straight out of the movie “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” complete with meat hooks, a cage, and a butcher’s desk.

Professor Arthur Kreuzer told the news agency Reuters that the situation was sure to end up in jail statistics.

A “person-killer.” But prosecutor Marcus Okohler said last week that Meiwes knew his patient had a severe personality disorder and couldn’t think straight.

“The choice to kill a person and eat him became the most important reason for his movement,” said someone else. “He killed his victim like a piece of meat and played with him like a toy.” Bernd Jürgen B.

Kohler said that the trial proved that Meiwes killed his victim (picture) for sexual pleasure and to satisfy his desire to eat human flesh. In line with Kohler, Meiwes later used his video for sexual pleasure and thought of himself as a “human butcher” when he looked at his works of art. Meiwes said, “I had my big kick.” Meiwes, who stayed calm and collected during the trial, said that he is writing a book about how he found out that his last dream was not real.

A mental health expert who testified in the case last week said that Meiwes was in good enough shape to handle trial. George Stolpmann said, “There’s no proof of an intellectual sickness.” He also said that the 40-12-week-olds were made with a “schizoid personality” and have trouble building relationships. “What we have here is the inability to control one’s own emotions and show them to others,” he said.

In December, Meiwes said that he killed Bernd-Juergen B. not because he was gay, but because he was lonely and wanted a brother he never had. I wanted “someone to become my neighbour,” he told the court.

The court watched a video of a cannibal’s ‘victim’s’ last hours.

Now, Meiwes told the court that he was sorry for what he did and couldn’t do it again. “I’d had my big thrill, and I didn’t want to try and do this again,” he said.

The recording of the death of computer expert Bernd Juergen Brandes was shown to judges, lawyers, the Cannibal himself, and people who didn’t work in the field. Only the worst scenes were kept from the press and public. For 1 hour and 30 minutes, Mr. Brandes and the killer only say a few words to each other on the tape, which is the only thing that breaks the silence in the courtroom.

It started with helping to hide the fact that Mr. Brandes had been cut up, and it ended with him being repeatedly stabbed in the throat. This German listening to useful resource company wants 1,000 people to try out through Taboola.

The recording shows A during the shocking trial and was important for both the defence and the prosecution. Meiwes’s lawyer thinks that it will show Meiwes’s competitors that nothing happened in the faraway farmhouse home near Kassel that Mr. Brandes didn’t tell him about. The prosecution hopes to convince the three judges who will decide the case that Mr. Brandes really did sleepwalk to his death because he was confused by alcohol and a mix of sleeping pills and bloodless medicine.

Officials gave out information about the 1 hour and 30 minutes that were supposed to be done before the courtroom. It starts in Meiwes’s kitchen and implies that Mr. Brandes took off his clothes before the virtual camera did. He seems unsteady on his feet sometimes, but he rarely shows signs of being forced or held back. Meiwes is seen cutting off Mr. Brandes’s penis after the patient told him, “Cut the part off now.”

That’s another sign that supports the defence that Meiwes wasn’t an assassin but rather a person who met both his and the victim’s desires.

Mr. Brandes then wrapped towels around Meiwes, who was trying to stop the flow of blood. Then, along with his second time for the virtual camera, Meiwes can be seen using the oven’s helpful tool as he starts to cook your penis.

Mr. Brandes is still sitting straight up. But his eyes are all blurry. SingleOr2 of-hearted choice to eat his own flesh after it’s been cooked doesn’t work out because he says, “It’s too hard.”

The recording changes when Meiwes lets him down the stairs to the first-floor bathroom. There, in the man’s own words, he is left to “bleed out” in the tub for many hours while Meiwes watches a Disney movie.

The final scene will take place in “the butchery,” a cold, scary room painted black and red at the top of the house. On your wall, you might have a wooden St. Andrew’s Cross, as well as a lot of pulleys, ropes, and meat hooks.

Mr. Brandes mumbles about something that can’t be heard because the knife is pushed into him.

“That last look of recognition in the eyes is often interpreted by the idol judges as a sign that he didn’t want to die,” one criminal observer said.

The recording is four and a half hours long, but it was cut down to 1 hour and thirty minutes for the court. A spokesman said that the justices and other notable people found it “hard to go.”

Meiwes had dreamed since he was 12 about killing and eating every other character. The murder was the turning point. It didn’t fulfil his dreams at all. Instead, it made him want to find more people to hurt.

A legal courtroom heard that Meiwes was arrested in December 2001 after an Austrian pupil read some emails in which the defendant said he was trying to find a new victim.


Q1: What was Armin Meiwes accused of?

A1: Armin Meiwes was accused of killing a 43-year-old computer expert from Berlin, eating his genitalia, and freezing the rest of the body to eat later.

Q2: What was the verdict of Armin Meiwes’s trial?

A2: Armin Meiwes was sentenced to 8 years and 6 months in prison.

Q3: What was the prosecution’s argument regarding the punishment for Armin Meiwes?

A3: The prosecution argued for a life sentence, claiming that the murder was driven by sexual urges.

Q4: What did Armin Meiwes’s lawyer present as evidence in court?

A4: Armin Meiwes's lawyer presented emails in which the victim expressed a clear desire to be killed and eaten.

Q5: What was the nature of the video shown in court during the trial?

A5: The video showed the killing of the victim, including scenes resembling a horror movie with meat hooks, a cage, and a butcher's desk.

Q6: What was the defense’s argument regarding Armin Meiwes’s mental state?

A6: The defense argued that Meiwes's actions were influenced by the victim's severe personality disorder and his own desires.

Q8: How was Armin Meiwes apprehended?

A8: Armin Meiwes was arrested in December 2001 after an Austrian student discovered emails in which Meiwes was seeking a new victim.


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